Lil Twist Addresses ‘Controversy’ Of His Friendship With Justin Bieber

After a slew of incidents involving Justin, Lil Twist is opening up about his friendship with the Biebs! Do you think the rapper is a bad influence on Justin? Justin Bieber's friendship with rapper Lil Twist has been increasingly getting more attention lately. The duo first hit headlines when a photographer was killed chasing Lil Twist, who was driving Justin's Ferrari. The controversy heightened when photos surfaced of Justin smoking pot and pouring alcohol with the rapper. Most recently, the rapper was involved in a hit and run while driving Justin's Fisker Karma on March 2.

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In an interview with on the set of the music video “Bad Girl,” Lil Twist finally addressed the controversy because it was happening when he teamed up with Trevante for the song.

“It was actually going on during all the controversy –all the controversial crap that was going on not too long ago,” Lil Twist explains.

But according to the rapper, the project came along at the perfect time in his life.

“Once I heard ‘Bad Girl,’ I just wanted to be bad,” the rapper reveals. “Being bad inspired me to write this.”

Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding Lil Twist, especially after his latest incident, the rapper isn’t letting it distract him from his work.

“I just keep doing music and I keep living my life. I just take it day by day, I don’t try to be negative. I don’t look for trouble –trouble seems to find me sometimes,” “I just stay in the studio. I’m in the studio now working on an album.”

Watch the video below!

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— Jenny Pickard

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