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Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers: The Real Reason They Got Married

The 'Teen Mom 2' star's marriage to Courtland was doomed for trouble since they said ‘I do.' A source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY the real reason why Courtland put a ring on it. Jenelle Evans shocked Teen Mom 2 fans when she married her boyfriend Courtland Rogers at a surprise courthouse ceremony on Dec. 4. Their quickie marriage only lasted eight weeks before they separated, and a source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY why they tied the knot -- and why it fell apart so fast.

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Courtland Rogers Jenelle Evans Marriage

A source close to the situation tells that Courtland was just in the relationship for the MTV fame.

“He is older then her and known as a rich kid,” the insider reveals. “So she saw him as a meal ticket and he saw her as a way to get 15 minutes of fame.”

The source adds that Courtland grew up in a family with money because his family has owned local KFC chains for generations.

Behind Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers’ Split

Jenelle is planning to file for a divorce, but she and Courtland have been separated since their explosive fight on Jan. 21. Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin R. T. Sullivan revealed to that the law in North Carolina does not allow people to file for a divorce unless they have been separated from their spouse for a year.

Jenelle’s lawyer said that’s why he hasn’t filed for divorce yet, but she did file legal assault charges against Courtland on Jan. 23. The charges include four counts of assault on a female, and two counts of battery on an unborn child.

Just two days after she filed charges, Jenelle was rushed to the hospital due to excessive bleeding, and she later found out she suffered miscarriage with the baby that she was carrying for 8 weeks.

Courtland Rogers & Jenelle Evans Unlikely To Get Back Together

Jenelle moved out and moved on with her ex-fiance Gary Head after she accused Courtland of cheating on her with several other women. But the insider is not shocked by those allegations.

“Women are like meat to him. He goes through them so quickly,” the source reveals. “He is never satisfied”

Tell us what you think HollyMoms. Was Jenelle and Courtland’s marriage a publicity stunt?

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