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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Confirms Jace’s Father After Paternity Test

In the season three finale of 'Teen Mom 2,' Jenelle has Andrew take a paternity test to reveal once and for all if he's Jace's baby daddy. Plus, Corey tells Leah he's still in love with her, Kailyn refuses to meet Jo's girlfriend and Chelsea finally passes her GED test. Read on for the finale recap! Ever since she received a phone call out of the blue from her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis, Jenelle Evans has questioned whether Andrew is really Jace's father or not. During the Teen Mom 2 season three finale on Feb. 4, she finally discovers the truth.

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Teen Mom 2 Finale
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Jenelle Makes Andrew Take A Paternity Test

Last week, Andrew was convinced he wasn’t Jace’s dad, and Jenelle even considered the possibility that she could have conceived Jace during a random party hookup. He even reiterates that during a video chat where he says Jace looks nothing like him — right in front of Jace! Poor kid.

But Jenelle wants to settle the argument once and for all, so she schedules a paternity test for Andrew in his town in Florida, and she takes Jace in to her local clinic get his adorable mouth swabbed.

Jenelle later reveals to her friend that even if Andrew isn’t the father, she has no idea where the other potential baby daddy is, or how to even go about tracking him down. “No use in trying to find him,” Jenelle confesses.

But when the results finally come in, Jenelle doesn’t need to keep searching — Andrew is 99.997 percent Jace’s father!

When Jenelle and her mom Barbara Evans video chat Andrew to let him know, he’s terrified of Babs, but says he will start to be there for Jace. He wants to visit and pay child support, and keeps making all these empty promises he has no intention of keeping.

Babs lays down the law though — if Andrew doesn’t pay child support, she will track him down and he’ll pay! Jenelle thinks Andrew is full of hot air, so we’ll have to stay tuned and see if he comes through.

Leah Tells Ex-Husband Corey About Her Pregnancy

After Leah Messer tells everyone close to her that she’s pregnant again — fiance Jeremy Calvert, her mom and her friend Kayla — she decides she needs to break the news to her ex-husband Corey Simms.

When she delivers the shocking news one night that not only are she and Jeremy getting married — she’s also pregnant with his child, Corey puts on his worst happy face and says “congratulations.” It’s a good thing he didn’t pursue acting. He says he’s happy for her, but it’s not until she reveals that she’s pregnant again that he really loses it.

Corey starts to tear up at the news, and it’s finally hitting him that Leah is moving on for good. Even Leah wonders if she is moving on too fast. “I’m never going to love someone like I love Corey,” she tells Kayla the next day.

Jeremy is excited to be a first-time dad, but Corey meanwhile tells his dad Jeff that he isn’t over Leah yet.

Finally, Corey spills his guts to Leah one night, and puts everything on the line. He says he’ll support Leah during her pregnancy, but it hurts him a lot. He wishes he could change the past, but he really needs to move on.

It’s clear they both have feelings for each other — and shouldn’t have jumped into their next relationships!

Chelsea Takes Her Final GED Tests

Because she’s planning on enrolling in beauty school full-time, Chelsea Houska looks at daycare choices for Aubree. Even though she’s worried about leaving Aubree in the care of someone else for the first time, the daycare she visits seems incredibly smart and safe — and puts Chelsea at ease. Plus, most of the workers probably didn’t kill their own dogs.

As she’s awaiting the final scores of her GED test, Chelsea passes her beauty school entrance exam and gets accepted into beauty school! She’s officially done with baby daddy Adam Lind, so she’s moving forward in her career — and her life.

When she gets the results for her GED test back, it’s official — Chelsea passed all of her tests! Next step: beauty school.

Kailyn Refuses To Meet Jo’s Girlfriend Vee

Kailyn Lowry‘s ex Jo Rivera tells her he has a letter from his girlfriend Vee. When Kailyn reads it outloud, she discovers that Vee is just trying to make nice and wants to get along for Jo’s sake — but Kailyn is having none of it. She still refuses to meet Vee, or even have Isaac around her.

She later reveals to a friend that she isn’t ready to meet Vee because it “makes it real” that Jo is with someone else. It’s not that she’s jealous of Vee, she just doesn’t want to admit that things are officially over with Jo.

At Isaac’s birthday party at Kailyn’s house, Jo finally shows up hours later and meets Kailyn’s current boyfriend Javi Marroquin. So Kailyn will allow Jo and Javi to meet — and they are both very civil to each other — but she refuses to meet Vee, who has been dating Jo for several months.

A few awkard moments aside, Isaac’s birthday party goes smoothly, and Jo and Javi seem to be getting along fine. It isn’t until Kailyn attends Isaac’s birthday party (part two) at Jo’s house on another day that she turns up the drama.

She reminds Jo yet again that Vee is NOT a mother figure for Isaac, and she doesn’t want him to see Vee as one. She’s taking things slow with Javi, but can’t seem to accept that Jo has moved on too. Cue the dramatic music.

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