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‘Once Upon A Time’: Ariel, Tarzan & More Are Coming To Storybrooke

In a new interview, the show's executive producers confirm which fairy tale characters will (or won't) be arriving in town — and we're playing casting director! The Twitterverse may have exploded with love over the arrival of Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) on the Oct. 21 episode of Once Upon A Time, but fans might want to save some of their enthusiasm for the parade of new characters coming their way! In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitzis cleared up the rumors about which fairy tale characters they have on tap.

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Once Upon A Time New Characters
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1. Ariel, The Little Mermaid: Though she won’t appear right away, the EPs say they “absolutely” plan to include her in the series. (Paging Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden!)

2. Tarzan: Though they’ve never considered Tarzan before, the EPs admit they’re open to the idea. (And I think viewers would definitely be open to the idea of Taylor Kitsch as the vine-swinging jungleman.)

3. Mickey Mouse: Don’t count on it. Mickey has already appeared in phone-form on the show, and the EPs don’t see how they could realistically translate him onto the screen.

4. The Wizards of OzThe EPs can already hear the clicking of Dorothy’s ruby slippers down the yellow-brick road, classifying Oz as a “when,” not an “if.” (Maybe it’s just because opening scene from the Smash pilot has stuck with me me, but I would love to see someone like Katharine McPhee slip into Dorothy’s shoes.)

5. Sherlock Holmes: Unless the BBC’s current Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is up for the challenge, the EPs say they wouldn’t dream of dropping the iconic detective in Storybrooke.

6. Jack Sparrow: Similarly to Sherlock Holmes, the EPs can’t imagine letting anyone tackle the role other than Johnny Depp.

7. TronThe EPs seem more amused than interested in having anyone from the Tron world cycle their way into town.

8. Mary Poppins: The legendary (flying) British nanny is being filed under “eventually.” Maybe it’s the Downton Abbey junkie in me, but I’d love to see Michelle Dockery drop in via giant umbrella.

Which fairy tale characters would YOU like to see in Storybrooke? And of the ones confirmed by Adam and Eddie, which actors do you think should play them? Drop me a comment with your casting choices!

— Andy Swift

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