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Blythe Danner Acts Like A ‘Complete Fool’ Around Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids

The actress talks Gwyneth, raising grandkids Apple and Moses, and the heartbreaking song Chris Martin wrote for her late husband. Read on for more details! Grand dame Blythe Danner, 69, is Hollywood royalty. Mother to Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jake Paltrow, the actress talked to in an EXCLUSIVE interview about what it's like helping raise her Oscar-winning daughter's kids, and about how Coldplay's Chris Martin wrote the heartbreaking anthem, Fix You, after the tragic passing of her husband.

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Blythe has been a serious actress in Hollywood for decades. But away from the bright lights the still radiant star relishes the chance to be silly with Gwenyth’s kids.

“I don’t feel like a grandmother with them [Apple and Moses]. I get on my hands and knees and act like a complete fool! We have a lot of fun together,” the star told us.

Blythe spoke to us at the New York premier of her hilarious new coming-of-age comedy, Hello I Must Be Going. She plays an overburdened mother whose grown daughter moves back home to regroup after a tough divorce.

The actresses real life though isn’t likely to imitate art, “I don’t think Gwyneth would ever move back in, but of course if she wanted to.” Chris and the band are also apparently welcome, “I would love them next door, banging away on the drums, and Chris writing new songs.”

Blythe in fact told us about how Gwenyth and Chris met – directly after her husband Bruce Paltrow died of cancer in 2002.

“Fix You, was written for my husband, actually, ‘Tears streaming down your face, you’ve lost something you can’t replace, I will try to fix you.’ Chris missed meeting Bruce by six days. A friend of Gwenyth’s just made her go to a Coldplay concert, to cheer her up. She didn’t want to go but she did and she met Chris.”

Shortly after that fateful show, Gwyneth and Chris were an item and Chris immediately began working on the ballad to soothe Gwenyth’s grief.

“And then he wrote that song,’ Blythe said, “And it just kills me every time. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful song,”

— Gino Oralndini

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