‘Awkward’ Recap: Jenna’s Blog Goes Public

S**t gets real after Jenna, Matty & Jake's devastating second encounter with the 'Wheel of Pep.' The secrets came out on the Aug. 23 episode of Awkward — and I mean ALL of the secrets. Still furious with Jenna (Ashley Rickards) for keeping her Matty (Beau Mirchoff) relationship from him, Jake (Bret Davern) brought the down-low lovers together to shame them in the most public way imaginable: the Wheel of Pep!

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Real talk: the W.E.P. was actually my favorite scene so far this season. Not only did it finally force Jenna and Matty to be real with Jake, but it resulted in fisticuffs between Jenna’s highly suitable suitors — and is there anything hotter than the two of them going at it? The scene also featured Sadie (Molly Tarlov) at her most fantastically bitchy, and Lissa (Greer Grammer) at her most painfully clueless.

Thinking it would clear her name, Jenna released her entire blog to the public — a suggestion from her still-anonymous commenter, who now claims to be a “friend” — but as always, her plan backfired. Now the whole school is privy to Jenna, Jake and Matty’s dirty little secrets.

(Special shout to Ming [Jessica Lu] and the entire Asian Mafia: It’s been too long since we’ve seen your beautiful faces, and I love that Ming is fooling around with Becca’s ex-boyfriend. Ming probably never should have gotten involved with the mob in the first place — but now, she’s just in too deep.)

Is Jenna a crazy person? Drop me a comment with your reaction to the fight, the reveal and more of tonight’s biggest moments. (Also, your favorite Sadie quote if you have one!)

— Andy Swift

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