Katie Holmes Fed Up With Scientology — Why She's Divorcing Tom Cruise?

Katie doesn't want Suri to practice Scientology, a source tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. Plus, she's tired of being controlled by the church! Read on for more details! Katie Holmes reportedly doesn't want her six-year-old daughter Suri to become a Scientologist which is what ultimately led her to leave Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise Divorce
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“Katie just couldn’t take Tom and his whole Scientology worship anymore. She got sick and tired of being controlled not only by Tom but by the bizarre belief system of Scientology. She does not want Suri to be a Scientologist,” a source close to the situation tells HollywoodLife.com.

Katie, 33, was reportedly so blinded by 49-year-old Tom’s charm in the beginning of their relationship that she wasn’t fazed by his religious beliefs.

“When Katie first met Tom, she was really naive and smitten with him. But now that she is older and has more confidence, she is no longer willing to sacrifice her well-being and the well-being of her daughter. This divorce has been a long time coming. No one in their circles are surprised,” a source tells us.

Another problem may have stemmed from the fact Suri is getting to an age in which Scientology would start to be a big part of her life.

Tom and Katie were married in Nov. 2006 in Italy and welcomed daughter Suri, 6, into the world in April 2006.

Tom has long been public about his religion. Recently, Tom was asked about his religion in the June 2012 issue of Playboy and he said: “What I believe in my own life is that it’s a search for how I can do things better, whether it’s being a better man or a better father or finding ways for myself to improve. Individuals have to decide what is true and real for them. ”

Clearly, Katie is doing just that.

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— Reporting by Sandra Clark, written by Nicole Karlis

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