The Creepy Ways Tom Cruise Controlled Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and his fellow Scientologists were extremely protective of Katie Holmes while she was married to Tom, a new report reveals. Find out all the weird things he did to keep her under his control! Katie Holmes is finally free from her controlling husband Tom Cruise, and now that they are separated, aspects from her scary life with Tom are coming to light. "Every move had to go through Tom's camp, including when she could see her family. She was monitored around the clock," a source tells Us Weekly.

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A second friend of Katie’s reveals, “Katie felt she was being watched more than protected.”

This goes along with revelations ex-president of the Scientology Celebrity Centre, Karen Schless Pressley, expressed in the book Inside Scientology. She said the Cruise house was purposefully staffed with informants and Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige got daily reports on what happened in the house.

The pervasiveness of Tom’s control included cutting off Katie’s privacy. Her mail “had to be sent to Tom’s team to open first.”

Us Weekly‘s report adds that the staff had to cut out magazine pictures of Tom and Katie “looking in love” and frame them, to be placed around hotel rooms when they traveled.

Does this sound like a weird life for Katie? Do you think Tom was really controlling of Katie? Sound off below!

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