Demi Moore's Daughter Scout Willis' Shocking Tweets About Hating Her Parents

A school project goes viral as Scout describes a shocking life in Hollywood -- find out the TRUTH behind these wild, drug-fueled messages! Scout Willis shocked many gossip hounds with tweets about doing drugs, lewd sexual activity and even disses to her A-list parents, Demi Moore & Bruce Willis. Now the truth behind these racy messages has come out!

Scout Willis Twitter

Scout, 20, wrote tweets such as “I hate capitalism like I hate my parents, but they both serve me so well” and “Why worry about school? Just take an adderall, make lists, smoke too many cigarettes and voila, panic attacks and straight A’s here I come” for a Brown University project, PEOPLE reports.

Using the handle @bougepunk, which has since been deleted, Scout set out to research the impact of social networking on modern society, her rep tells the magazine.

“In connection with a class assignment, in which students were asked to create a ‘culture jam’ or ‘hoax,’ three students created a satirical and fabricated Twitter account in which everything tweeted was fictional,” the rep said. “his was done to illustrate how social media is utilized and that in today’s social media culture, you can create a significant twitter following based entirely on fabricated lies, and that the more outrageous and controversial the fabricated statement, the more followers you will get. Current media interest in the fabricated Twitter school assignment appears to prove that point.”

We’re glad these tweets are just for a school project — otherwise this would be pretty twisted stuff!

— William Earl

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