'One Tree Hill' Recap: Xavier Gets His Revenge On Brooke & Julian

The March 7 episode of 'One Tree Hill' gave a whole new meaning to the song 'Rock-a-bye Baby. It's officially creepy now. Xavier Daniels (Devin McGee) was still lurking around town on this week's One Tree Hill, and even persuaded Tara (Chelsea Kane) to give him a job at Tree Hill Cafe -- right across the street from Karen's Cafe. My guess is that it didn't take much convincing, because I have no doubt Tara only gave him the job get under Brooke's skin. Julian (Austin Nichols) and Brooke (Sophia Bush) decided to stalk Xavier to catch him in a criminal act, and when they saw him "break into a house," they called the police. Well, he actually lived at the house and had to use the window because he forgot a key. Brooke and Julian merely added fuel to Xavier's fire.

Willing to do pretty much anything to find Nathan (James Lafferty), sweet Haley (Bethany Joy Galelotti) turned into hardcore Haley in order to trick the drug dealer — who may have information on Nathan’s whereabouts. After she lured him outside, Dan (Paul Johansson) attacked the guy and did a little kidnapping of his own. After Haley had her turn at beating the crap out of him, Dan took matters into his own hands. Something tells me this drug dealer won’t be alive much longer if he doesn’t tell Dan what he needs to know.

Meanwhile, Clay (Robert Buckley) broke the news to Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) that Logan (Pierce Gagnon) is his son, and she agreed to go to therapy with him. Clay was upset that he’d forgotten about his son for six years and boldly asked for guidance from the therapist. He started to bond with Logan and eventually told him that he was his father — only to have Logan leave the room. Let’s hope these two patch things up soon because they are just adorable together.

Picking up where last week’s encounter left off, Chase (Stephen Colletti) was arrested and Chuck (Michael May) lied to the police, telling them his father never beat him. But after chatting with Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton), Chuck showed up in court and told the truth in order to help his friend. Even after the truth was revealed, Chase was generally discharged from the Air Force, but his and Chuck’s relationship is sure to be much stronger now.

On a positive note, Mouth (Lee Norris) FINALLY agreed to take matters about his weight into his own hands. He and Skills (Antwon Tanner) took a visit to the grave of a former Tree Hill resident, Jimmy Edwards (Colin Fickes) and I think it was just the motivation Mouth needed. He even ripped off all of the takeout menus on his fridge and rounded up all of the unhealthy foods and shoved them into the trash. Mouth is on the road to recovery!

Now here’s the scary part: Xavier finally caught Brooke alone and warned — well, more like threatened — her to leave him alone so he could get on with his life. And finally, to prove he’s the exact same Xavier as before, he made his way into Brooke and Julian’s home and we saw him holding one of their twins!


Previews for next episode show Dan, Julian and Chris Keller attempting to rescue Nathan. I hope he’s still alive — but if nothing else, at least watching Chris Keller panic should be funny!

— Jaymie Bailey

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