'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan's Whereabouts Are Revealed

Nathan's new foe makes Nanny Carrie look like Mother Teresa! We're kind of worried. On the Feb. 15 episode of One Tree Hill, viewers finally found out where Nathan (James Lafferty) is -- sort of. It turns out he's been kidnapped! Also, people in Europe take basketball way too seriously. Apparently, Nathan tried to sign a player who was the "property" of someone else. (It's just a sport. Winning isn't everything, remember?!) Unfortunately, his family and friends back in Tree Hill are still left in the dark.

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Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) tried her best to keep composure, Dan (Paul Johannson) made a list of his enemies, Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) scared the mess out of Haley by telling her that posters were being put up and people were searching the woods, and Jamie (Jackson Brundage) shocked us all by calling Dan a liar. Oh, and Lydia took her first steps.

Meanwhile, Tree Hill was informed that Brooke (Sophia Bush) vandalized Tara’s (Chelsea Kane) café and all hell broke loose. Millie (Lisa Goldstein) had the brilliant idea to bring some entertainment to Karen’s Cafe to boost revenue, sure enough Chris Keller’s (Tyler Hilton) voice really did bring all the ladies to the yard — or in this case, the cafe.

Tara busted in during the middle of a song and demanded to know why he’d help Brooke take away her business. (Well, duh, Tara, it’s because Brooke accidentally spilled the beans that you were also sleeping with Chase). Chase (Stephen Colletti) and Chris Keller had somewhat of a “fight” and decided to resolve their issues — at the STRIP CLUB! Chase paid, of course.

Over in mental rehab, Clay (Robert Buckley) was busy talking about superheroes with Logan and forgetting who Quinn was. (Seriously, Clay? You two were shot and almost died together, how can you not recognize her?!)

Meanwhile, Julian (Austin Nichols) and Dan tag-teamed to find a potential suspect who may have a reason to be involved with Nathan’s disappearance — but the man wasn’t even able to walk, much less arrange a kidnapping. And although Mouth (Lee Norris) hasn’t lost any weight by eating side salads, he did serve up some crucial information that could help Dan trace Nathan’s whereabouts.

This episode was kind of slow, and I was really only aware of one thing during all of the chaos: THERE WERE WAY TOO MANY GUNS POINTED AT NATHAN! He is too beautiful, and the Europeans with the lame jokes just need to put their guns away.

— Jaymie Bailey

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