'Mob Wives' Star Ramona Rizzo: I Made Up With Carla Facciolo For Renee Graziano

Ramona tells HollywoodLife.com how she and Carla were able to put their differences aside. Ramona Rizzo reveals to HollywoodLife.com the real reason why she ended her feud with her Mob Wives co-star Carla Facciolo.

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Mob Wives

“Whatever you need to do to smooth the way so that you know at the end of the day you made it better where everyone can be in a room together, that’s all that matters,” Ramona explains. “I knew we were possibly going to have to be together because of Renee [Graziano].”

Ramona doesn’t want Carla to feel uncomfortable around her. “I said ‘I don’t want anybody to ever have to say they don’t want to come to Renee’s house because I’m there,'” she remembers.

Plus, Ramona was done fighting with Carla. “It just came to the point like enough,” she says. “Let’s just do this. Let’s just be friends. Just nip it already or just go for it. I told her what I knew that she had said. We’ve moved on from it.”

Now, Ramona and Carla are friendly. “We’re cordial to each other,” Ramona admits. “When we see each other, we act like ladies. She has no bearing on my life and I have no animosity towards her.”

Overall, Ramona is happy with the way their meet-up went and glad that she and Carla could come to an understanding. “It went well,” she confesses. “Honestly I didn’t expect it to go any other way. I didn’t expect Carla to get up and be crazy. If you talk, you can work out your problems. Carla is not a person that is going to raise her hand and neither am I unless someone is going to raise them to me. It went the way I expected it.”

BFFs — do you think Ramona and Carla will stay cool with each other, or is this just a temporary armistice? Share your thoughts with us below.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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