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Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Split & Living Separate Lives

Johnny's on-going success in Hollywood is tearing him away from Vanessa, reveal sources. After nearly 14 years together, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis' fairytale romance has reportedly come to the end. Sources claim that they have been living separate lives for almost the past two years -- and that Johnny's explosive career is to blame.

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Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

“My sense is that this is a couple which hasn’t existed for two years,” an insider tells People magazine.

Johnny, 48, and Vanessa, 39, have been spending a lot of time apart — and attending events without the other by his or her side.

  • In November, Johnny and Vanessa were both in Paris, but stayed in separate hotels. Johnny attended the premiere of The Rum Diary while “she went instead to a concert that night,” a source reveals. “It was weird and pretty clear: You’re in town and don’t go to the premiere of [Johnny’s] film? One which he starred in, produced?” During that trip, Vanessa also went to a Karl Lagerfeld event without Johnny.
  • Vanesssa didn’t go with Johny to the Cannes Film Festival in May to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. “We couldn’t believe they wouldn’t come together,” a source notes.
  • While home in LA, Johnny and Vanessa reportedly live in different houses.
  • Last summer, they went cruising on their yacht “Vajoliroja,” but it was an awkward trip. They “didn’t arrive to pick up the boat together,” says a witness. “When it was over, they were off in separate directions.”
  • While filming in Hawaii for On Stranger Tides in 2010, Johnny would go out drinking at local bards and “chat with girls and was very friendly and flirty,” shares a source.
  • Johnny also spent a lot of nights out partying in Puerto Rico while filming The Rum Diary in 2009.

When the couple’s relationship began, they lives quietly in a French village called Plan-de-la-Tour. But when they moved to Hollywood, Johnny’s growing career started to destroy their relationship.

“They bet that they could move to California and be on long stays on film locations for his career. They bet that things would continue there as they had in the south of France,” a source close to the couple says. “The lost that bet. Vanessa went seven years between albums and several years between film projects while he became Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Will Johnny and Vanessa be able to save their relationship? “They are both very attached to their children [Lily-Rose, 12 and Jack, 9] and could work things out,” claims an insider. “But they have both changed — a lot.”

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