'RHOBH' Recap: Taylor Armstrong Shows Up To A Party With A Black Eye

The launch party of Lisa Vanderpump's new lounge Sur was the center of dramatic events with the arrival of a series of unexpected guests, unusual behavior from Kim and the appearance of a bruised and battered Taylor Armstrong. On the Jan. 16 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the housewives attended the launch party of Lisa Vanderpump's new lounge, Sur. Things get off to an awkward start shortly after Brandi Glanville arrives and notices one of the waitresses, Scheana, who was one of her ex-husband's (Eddie Cibrian) mistresses. Lisa intervenes in the potentially uncomfortable situation by asking the waitress to leave the party immediately.

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A few moments later, another unexpected guest arrives at the party — Cedric Martinez, Lisa’s former house guest. Lisa is less than pleased by his appearance and asks him to leave. Shortly after that, an ex-girlfriend of Adrienne Maloof‘s husband Dr. Paul Nassif is spotted, which makes for one more uncomfortable situation.

As usual, Kim Richards is behind schedule and she and her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld are once again late to the party. When Kim finally does get in the car to go to the party, she begins to touch every item in the limo in a loopy manner and says things such as, “I love buttons!” She rummages through the garbage bin at the back of the limo and then feels the need to suddenly take her bra off.

Kim’s loopy behavior promised an interesting start to the night. Kim discusses Ken’s recent behavior with Kyle Richards and admits, “It’s not working.” Kim confides that she has been crying daily and that Ken “has a very mean bad side. He always wants to know who I’m on the phone with and when I tell him he says I’m a f***ing liar.” Kim says that Ken is very controlling and always puts her down by saying things like, “By the way, your hair doesn’t look good.”

Kim tells Kyle she is all packed and wants to move out. Kyle apologizes to Kim but asks why Kim is never the one to apologize. Kim is evidently still in her loopy mood and instead of listening to her sister, she picks up a flower and examines it.

Kim still had one final bomb to drop, though — she’s three months late with her period. She is too worried to take a pregnancy test and the conversation is left at that.

Taylor Armstrong then arrives with her psychiatrist and date for the evening, Dr. Sophy. Taylor is sporting a black eye slightly covered by makeup. Lisa asks, “Is this what it took for you to leave?” Taylor sadly responds, “Unfortunately.”

Taylor sits down with her friends and apologizes to them all for her recent irrational behavior. Taylor says, “So over the last six months I’ve been acting like a crazy person — my life was out of control, I was trying to make it better by myself.” Taylor apologizes to Camille Grammer for the threat of legal action and Camille accepts the apology.

Meanwhile, Kim is yet again missing from the action of Taylor’s arrival and is instead locked in the bathroom while her boyfriend bangs on the door asking her continuously if she is okay. Kim is in the bathroom for a while before she finally emerges and acts as if nothing happened.

This is the first time we’ve seen any physical signs of abuse on Taylor and her discussion with the housewives was an emotional scene. Kim’s wacky behavior seems to become more and more interesting with each episode, especially with the information she shed about her relationship with Ken. What did you think of the Jan. 16 episode of RHOBH, HollywoodLifers?

Lauren Kalma