'RHOBH' Recap: Kyle & Kim Richards Fight Over Kim's Loser Boyfriend In Hawaii

While Taylor Armstrong is dealing with a divorce from her husband in Beverly Hills, the tense relationship between Kim and Kyle Richards gets ugly in Hawaii. The housewives are vacationing in Hawaii on the Jan. 9 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without Taylor Armstrong, as she is in Beverly Hills ending her marriage to Russell Armstrong.

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Kyle Richards

The prior episode showed Kim Richards calling Kyle Richards and admitting she would be missing her flight to Hawaii due to a non-existent driver’s license and missing passport. Kyle relayed this information to the rest of the group, so when the housewives sat down for dinner after Kim and her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld finally arrived in Hawaii, it was imminent that the frustrated housewives would question Kim’s delayed arrival.

Kim lies to the group and says Ken had to work that day, even though she admits in an interview that she made up this excuse because she didn’t want to bother with details about the truth.

Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky makes a toast “to the truth” and briefly tells Kim, “When you lie it makes tension and nobody can have fun.”

The next morning, the group goes out for the day on the catamaran without Kim and Ken as they are late once again. As they stay behind at the hotel, Ken promises Kim, “I’m not going to spend the whole night taking jabs… I’m going to be throwing them.”

As the entire group meets for dinner that night, Adrienne Maloof and her husband pull Kim aside to tell her positive things about how much they like Ken. Ken gets worried and defensive and approaches Adrienne and her husband to tell them to stop saying “bad things” about him. Ken says, “You had this face on like ‘I don’t want to be around when he hears this.'” Ken’s defensive attitude foreshadows the ugly confrontation that would occur later at dinner.

At dinner, Kyle is evidently frustrated with her sister and questions Kim’s lies and constant lateness. Kim consistently attempts to blow the situation off and ignore Kyle’s frustration.

Kyle angrily says, “You can laugh and try to blow it off.” Ken awkwardly chimes in and says, “We don’t care.” Kim and Ken make a dramatic exit during dinner and Ken says, “I’m tired of the whole thing and I wish we could just enjoy ourselves.”

As the majority of the episode focused on the exploding tension between Kim and Kyle, Taylor was briefly seen at home in Beverly Hills meeting with her friend Dana to announce the end of her marriage. As the housewives return home during next week’s episode, there will definitely be more in store from Taylor’s side of the story.

Kim’s strange behavior throughout the trip to Hawaii seems to be concerning some of the housewives and frustrating the others. What did you think of the Jan. 9 episode of RHOBH?

Lauren Kalma