Shocking Photos of Ashton Kutcher Partying With Blondes on Night He Allegedly Cheated!

Poor Demi. He allegedly told alleged lover Sarah Leal he was separated on their alleged hookup night plus shocking new photos of Ashton in his hotel suite with sexy blondes have just surfaced! It's no wonder the Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher has kept unusually quiet amidst allegations that he cheated on his wife Demi Moore on the eve of the sixth wedding anniversary -- Star magazine has obtained damning new photos of Sara Leal, Ashton and several other girls from his alleged sex-filled night at his Hard Rock Hotel penthouse suite. Will this end Ashton and Demi's marriage for good?

Sarah Leal was introduced to Ashton by another guest at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel, who was staying on the same floor as Ashton and overheard the noise of his party. He knocked on the door and an naked Ashton answered and invited them in, according to USWeekly.

“All of the girls were throwing themselves at him,” a source says. “But Sara’s a hot girl and I’m sure he noticed.”

Sara was reportedly very upset when she couldn’t reach Ashton after their one-night stand. After all, Ashton kept saying he and Demi were “separated.”

“Sara really liked Ashton,” the source tells Star. “He didn’t seem like someone who would just sleep with her and walk away. Ashton was telling people that he was separated from Demi, so she didn’t ever believe that it was just going to be a one-night stand. That’s when she realized that Ashton had used her, and she got very, very angry.”

Angry is right. Sara has ponied up with high-powered attorney Keith Davidson and she’s looking for upwards of $250K to tell her story.

Ashton reportedly brought more than a dozen girls back to his hotel suite at 3am following a night out at San Diego’s Fluxx nightclub. Although Ashton claimed none of the girls were hot tub worthy … Ashton reportedly had a change of heart when he saw Sara.

Ashton’s bodyguard stood watch guarding the door claims Star and also made sure Sara didn’t have her phone with her.

Just hours after Sara claims to have had sex with Ashton, she reportedly sent a text that read: “I [bleeped] Ashton Kutcher Friday night, lol.”

Do you think Ashton and Demi were really separated or did he cheat?

— Chloe Melas

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