Do Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Have A Prenup? If Not He Could Get Half Of Their Reported $350 Million Fortune, Says Legal Expert!

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony have shockingly separated, in what is extremely sad news for the family of four. But now we are all wondering -- do they even have a prenup? Jennifer is worth so much more than Marc! A lawyer tells us what could happen. We were saddened to hear the news that Jennifer Lopez and her husband of seven years Marc Anthony are ending their marriage. The parents of three-year-old twins Max and Emme are both big-named celebrities in their own rights and each make a ton of money. Together they are estimated to be worth at least $350 million as of 2009, and it could be even higher now with Jennifer's American Idol stint! But do they even have a prenup? And if they don't how will the money be split? A legal expert explains.

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Hopefully there is a prenup. Jennifer is worth a lot more than Marc. According to People, Jennifer made twice as much money as Marc did in 2007. The singer has continued to make more and more money as her fame has risen, and this past year’s job as a judge on American Idol has definitely added to her salary.

In fact, says she is worth $110 million, and puts Marc at $40 million. The National Enquirer are the ones who said Jennifer and Marc were fighting a lot as of January 2009, and they are the ones who reported their combined worth at $350 million.

When Jennifer divorced Cris Judd, her second ex-husband, she reportedly had to pay him $14 million. One would think she would have learned from this experience and asked for a prenup.

If she didn’t however, her earning will be an asset that could be divided with Marc Anthony. What happens next depends on where they are legal residents, explains attorney Matthew Terry from Ropes & Gray LLP. “Each state is different. In California, all of the marital assets are split 50/50. Or, some states have a judge decide who contributed more to the assets and can make a different division. It’s usually proportional to how much each partner worked to bring cash into the family.”

If they are legal residents in a state that is divided proportionally by a judge, Jennifer would likely get more in the divorce. However, the couple was married in Beverly Hills, and very well may have their legal residence in California. This means Jennifer’s money could be taken away from her and given to Marc in the case of no prenup!

It’s unclear for now whether they have a prenup in order, but hopefully it all works out for the family as they go through this difficult time.

Do you think Jennifer and Marc have a prenup? If not, do you think they should have one? Sound off below!

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