'Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo: I Had No Clue My Husband Was A Bank Robber When I Married Him!

Lee D'avanzo told Drita that he had a past, but that he had changed. Drita believed him, but boy was she in for a shock! We've heard bits and pieces of Mob Wives star Drita D'avanzo's story about her relationship with her husband Lee D'avanzo and how his crime-related lifestyle has effected her life. But Drita tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that she didn't know that Lee was a bank robber when she started dating and then later married him!

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“When I started dating Lee, I knew he had a business,” Drita tells us. “As for bank burglary and stuff like that? No way!”

Drita was aware he had a criminal past, but thought that was over. “He said, ‘When I was younger , I did bad things, but I turned my life around,'” says Drita. “I didn’t know he was still involved.”

“Honestly, I just thought a lot of guys I knew that were in the neighborhood and street guys, you just know they are street guys and make money off the streets,” says Drita. “I don’t know what they do, because they don’t say. I never thought of anything like that, because to me that’s insane.”

And Lee did in fact own a car wash — and that’s how he convinced Drita that he made his money. “He had the money from the car wash and I was working when we moved in together,” remembers Drita. “It was normal like anybody. We’d go through the bills. It wasn’t like Lee was like, ‘I got it — here’s $20,000 on the table.’ We did it together.”

So Drita never questioned him, except for one incident where he bought her an expensive bracelet.

The first time Lee went to jail, it was because a friend ratted him out on his past, which he told Drita wasn’t part of his life anymore.

But the second time, Drita was not aware he was going out to rob a bank. The night that it happened, he told her he was going out with friends and the next time she heard from him was at 2:00 a.m. after he had been busted.

“He called me at 2:00 a.m. and he goes, ‘I got arrested,'” explains Drita. “Why would you think a criminal tells his crimes? That’s insanity.”

Drita didn’t sign up for this life and wants to make it clear that she had no reason to believe that her husband was anyone more than the business owner that he claimed to be.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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