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Kate Middleton's Shocking Weight Loss: Top Experts Believe She's Lost 15 Pounds!

The stress of a royal wedding and being the most photographed woman in the world has definitely taken its toll on the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge -- but is it too much? Kate Middleton looks great in everything she wears, but now she's withering away before our very eyes. Kate, 29, has always had a very slender frame but in recent months she's gone from looking like a healthy young woman to almost scary skinny. HollywoodLife.com spoke with two top fitness experts to determine what Kate may be doing to shed the weight.

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“There’s a lot of discussion around Kate’s diet since she recently has been linked to the French Dukan Diet, which is a low carb, high protein diet similar to the Atkins Diet,” Steve Jordan, owner of Acceleration Gym in LA says. “Kate looks like she’s lost about 15 pounds over the past few years. She’s probably doing  it with a calorie intake of no more than 1400 a day and she’s only eating things with a low glycemic index, like fish, lean meats and vegetables.”

The Dukan Diet is one of the most popular diets in France. It was designed by a French nutritionist named Dr. Pierre Dukan and is based around 100 “allowed” foods which centers on a protein rich. The dieter goes through four different phases in which they rotate through on different food groups.

Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper adds that when trying to diet it’s never a good idea so skip meals and it’s important to incorporate exercise.

“I’m a big fan of contoured kettlebells,” Bob says. “This could be what is giving Kate such a nice definition in her arms. They are a great workout to get your heart rate up, burn fat & add lean muscle. But one tip to always remember, avoid alcohol! It can bring your metabolism down to a grinding halt.”

But Steve adds that the stress of Kate’s life probably contributed to her dramatic weight loss.

“Kate is going to be viewed and analyzed by millions,” Steve, who has been named America’s Fitness Ambassador says. “So she must have turned up the intensity and got focused on the outcome. Being one of the most beautiful woman in the world, and planning for a royal wedding is a high intensity activity. All the running around and anxiety will cause you to burn more calories too.”

Kate, we’re worried about you. Please don’t get too skinny on us!

This could be similar to Kate’s daily meal plan:

Oatmeal or whole grain toast with smoked salmon Estimated around 200 calories

Fruit or handful of nuts. Estimated around 150 calories


Summer Vegetable Salad with lean meat like (chicken, turkey or tuna) Estimated calories around 400


Steamed salmon or chicken with very large side of steamed vegetables and/or salad. Estimated 400 calories.

After Dinner Snack/Dessert: Dark chocolate or fruit salad. Estimated around 150 calories.

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