What Should You Do If, Like Sandra Bullock, Your Ex Says You Were Lousy In Bed?

Sandra’s philandering ex-husband is bringing her more embarrassment and pain by saying she was awful in bed. How should she handle the situation publicly?

Sandra Bullock must have done something pretty awful in a past life to deserve the persistent pain (and pain in the you-know-what) that is ex-husband Jesse James. Not only did Jesse cheat on her with a plethora of scantily clad call-girl types, but he’s now hitting her where it really hurts (a guy, at least) by saying she was terrible in bed! How should she deal with this indignity?

When Howard Stern asked who he preferred in bed — Sandra or new girlfriend Kat Von D., the West Coast Choppers owner didn’t hold anything back for Sandy’s sake, oh no. He told the shock jock that sex was “100 percent” better with Kat. Jerk! (He also said he “forgave” himself for cheating on America’s Sweetheart, and that “just because [I] cheating on my wife and got busted for it…it doesn’t mean that I’m not valuable”, but his BS is starting to make me so sick that I might as well get back on topic).

Sandra, obviously, should be outraged — but not surprised. Clearly her ex is one of the biggest toolbags alive for the way he handled their breakup and the ensuing garbage that spews from his mouth in every single interview. People were shocked that sweet Sandy would choose the aggressively tattooed biker dude as her life partner — but no one was surprised when he turned out to be a cad.

I hope she’s numb to his BS at this point, but it’s pretty hard to shrug when someone starts attacking your skills in the boudoir. Sandra looks sweet and innocent. She doesn’t seem like a sexual hellcat in a Kat Von D kind of way. Although Sandra is an Oscar-winning actress and a great mom to baby Louis Bardo, I don’t think anyone sees her as a really sexy woman. Although she’s been considered the victim, this last insult might stick as being somewhat truthful. Some might actually believe she is a lousy lover.

So what should she do? Sandra has handled Jesse’s crap with dignity and grace, and this situation shouldn’t be handled any differently. Attacking Jesse or Kat would be beneath her, so, when asked what she thinks about his comments, she should respond, “I’ve never had any complaints before” and offer up a small shrug, as if the matter were of such irrelevance that it couldn’t possibly be true.

Should you do the same? Yes! I wouldn’t start telling people that your ex had a small peeper or make a dig at his new girl by saying, “Well, she looks like she’d be better in bed, if you know what I mean.” You’ll just seem petty. Instead, play it cool. Be the bigger person and make sure your response to that particular question is cutting, sharp and sexy. You know what they say about karma, after all…


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