Bonnie Says: Thank The Lord, Prince William Wasn't Forced To Marry A Virgin!

Aren't we glad that Britain's royal family has finally entered the modern era! Kate Middleton isn't a virgin! The only part of the Western world that that might have been a big deal, until recently, was in the British Royal Family.

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Too bad, it took the disastrous marriage and tragic death of Prince Williams’ mother, Princess Diana, to finally end the practice of forcing a British Crown Prince to marry a virgin.

Poor Princess Diana, just 19 and a naive virgin, thought she was living in a real life fairy tale when she married Prince Charles in 1981. Little did she know, he was in love with someone else; considered unsuitable to be his wife – Camilla Parker- Bowles. Little did she know she was like a sacrificial lamb- deemed appropriate for public viewing and bearing Prince Charles an hair and a spare.

It was only because of this devastating match, which turned Buckingham Palace into a sordid soap opera, that Prince William has been allowed to follow HIS heart  and marry the woman’s he loves- a non-virgin and a commoner, no less!

Aren’t you so glad that the British Royals basically acknowledged that their blood doesn’t really run blue, and that their DNA is no different than the DNA of the rest of the 6.8 billion inhabitants of this planet?

Now, in a move that’s just as welcome- the British government has said that it’s reviewing the ancient, discriminatory rules of royal succession- so if Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child is a girl- she will eventually be Queen.

The British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that the current rule, placing boys ahead of girls “would strike most people as a little old- fashioned.”

Yah, think?

Isn’t is about time that a girl doesn’t have to be a virgin to marry a prince and that a first born daughter can be Queen?

What do you think Hollywoodlifers?

–Bonnie Fuller

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