'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin Sobs Uncontrollably In Front Of Her Kids After Jumping Off A Building!

Kate let’s us know she has a huge fear of heights but she manages to jump off a building with her two twin girls!

Kate Gosselin is one brave mama! The April 18 episode of Kate Plus 8 follows Kate and her Gosselettes on the New Zealand leg of their international adventure. But Kate and the kids stop off at Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, and they have to jump over the ledge!

Once Kate gets to the top of the building she begins to freak out. She cries and screams at the worker helping her — and at one point he tells her to go back inside. But after what seemed like one hour, Kate walked to the edge with her harness (sobbing) and jumped! Keep in mind, right before Kate jumped Mady AND Cara did it without shedding a tear. But a fear of heights is no laughing matter and Kate should be commended for being so brave.

After screaming the entire way down her fall, Kate lands in front of her waiting eight kiddies. But as soon as she lands on the target, she breaks down and curls up into a ball. All of her kids crowded around her saying “mommy it’s okay” and Kate just sits there crying and scaring her children.

Eventually they leave and head to a picnic but Kate is still very shaken up. The kids did get to go horseback riding, despite the relentless paparazzi nearby. Their favorite part seemed to be when they ventured into a cave and learned about glow worms. It was actually quite hilarious watching them stare in amazement.

This was the final episode of their Australian/New Zealand adventure and it was quite the feat they accomplished! Even though they missed school, it seems like it was well worth the trip.

Don’t forget to tune into TLC April 25 at 10pm ET to see Kate and the kids in the city of brotherly love — Philly!

— Chloe Melas

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