Celebrity Moms An Dads Admit How Much Sleep They Really Get — Can YOU Relate?

From the heavy resters to the cat nappers, see how long these stars rest up each night! It seems like every parent can always use more rest and celebrities are no different. Although some stars are able to catch enough shut-eye, others are just as sleep-deprived as we are. Some of Hollywood's hottest parents revealed to People the amount of sleep they really get! And it's surprising...

Heidi Klum — 10 hours — “I go to sleep pretty much when the children go to sleep! My husband has to come find me in one of their four beds and remind me that I’m still a wife too!”

Halle Berry — 9 hours — “I love to sleep. When I’m rested, I’m at my best.”

Matthew McConaughey — 8 1/2 hours — “I’m not near as good the next day if I get less.”

Christina Aguilera — 8 hours — “People spend money on beauty potions, but a good night’s rest makes all the difference.”

Jessica Alba — 8 hours — “Luckily my daughter averages 12 hours, so we get a lot of sleep in our house — for now!”

Jennifer Hudson — 8 hours — “One of the greatest luxeries is a solid eight hours every once in a while.”

Hugh Jackman — 7 hours — “I’m lucky to get seven hours. I have a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old.”

Jada Pinkett Smith — 6 hours — “Once I had children, I got used to not sleeping much.”

Patrick Dempsey — 6 hours — “That’s before the rescue dogs and three kids wake us.”

Katie Holmes — 6 hours — “I try to get eight hours, but it is usually six. Sunday is my day to catch up.”

Hollymoms, do you relate with the hibernators like Heidi or busy bees like Katie?

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