'Real Housewives Of NYC' Ramona Singer: Jill Zarin's The Instigator, Not Me! Exclusive!

'RHONY' DRAMA ALERT! Ramona said Jill made the bride cry already -- that's why she didn't tell Jill that Alex was going to the wedding! So much for Ramona Singer playing the moderator amongst the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. In the Season 4 premiere April 7, Ramona has taken on a whole new role -- she's in the middle of everyone's drama -- especially Alex McCord and Jill Zarin's. And it sounds and looks like Ramona may have her own feud with Jill!

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In the first episode, Jill, Alex and Ramona all attend a wedding in the Hamptons for a mutual friend named Jennifer. The drama between Alex and Jill falls into play when Jill is surprised to see Alex arriving at the wedding — she didn’t know Alex was going — along with Ramona. Jill wants to know why Ramona didn’t tell her Alex was coming. Ramona’s reasoning is to protect the bride — and maybe to cause a fight between Alex and Jill for her own pleasure.

“Jill already busted the bride’s ass for having the party at her home that she sold four years ago — screaming at her every night,” Ramona explains to HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “If I told her Alex was coming, she’d be making Jennifer cry.”

Plus, “she already made Jennifer cry at the wedding,” Ramona adds. “She berated her. Jill can be a maniac, please.”

Ramona also believes she’s not in the middle of the drama. “I’m not the instigator,” she says. “I’m just sick of being on the sidelines.”

“I’m just calling like I see it now,” Ramona continues. “Last season I had to be the peacemaker because there was so much craziness going on. This year I’m just calling people out on things. I’m just being emotional — Ramotional. If something is bothering me, I’m going to tell you.”

And regarding the preview for the whole season showing Ramona and Jill getting into a nasty fight, Ramona blames the scene on Jill.

“I get hysterical,” Ramona says. “I’m trying to confide in her and make this bridge and tell her what’s bothering me about her and can we get past it. [But] how can a friend be someone who talks behind your back all the time? She’s always saying negative things about me behind my back. So I finally called her and said, ‘Maybe I enabled you. Maybe it’s my fault.’ So guess what? I don’t like that sh*t anymore. Stop it.”

“We obviously see a totally different view of what happened,” Jill tells us.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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