'Desperate Housewives' Recap: Paul Young's Shooter Is Revealed & Tom Has 'Fun' With A Dead Body!

Paul enlisted the help of his mortal enemy Feb. 13 to find out who tried to kill him. As it turns out, the answer was... kind of obvious. It was Zach (Cody Kasch), okay? Zach Young shot his daddy (Mark Moses) point blank after last winter's big riot. I'm sorry to come to right out and say it without a big "spoiler alert," but wasn't it obvious at this point? It was even obvious to Paul, who asked Mike (James Denton) to track down his biological drug-addict son personally. But maybe Mike should have been paying less attention to Zach and more attention to his wife...

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Susan (Teri Hatcher) got a kidney this week… and a stalker! She bumped into an old ‘friend’ from high school, Monroe, who suspiciously decided to donate his kidney to her cause. As it turned out, this ‘friend’ has been carrying a torch for Susan — and a scrapbook full of pictures of Susan, often taken from afar — since they were teenagers. In the end, she told him she’s married and he backed off… but are we really supposed to believe the cray man won’t go all crazy? I smell a season finale shooting in the works.

In sad relationship news, Bree (Marcia Cross) finally came clean to Keith (Brian Austin Green) about the son he didn’t know he had. And in sad storytelling news, we didn’t even get to see him really react to the information, as his shock was delivered through one of the show’s trademark montages. Grr…

Elsewhere, Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) new step-daddy Frank dropped dead while posing in the most awkward family portrait ever. But since Frank was a total d-bag — and filthy rich — no one really seemed to care. In fact, Lynette even used Frank’s corpse as a puppet to scare Tom (Doug Savant), who let out a fantastically girlish shriek. Lynette’s mom, now a millionaire, lavished her family with gifts and became a bitter old miser literally overnight.

And finally, Gabby (Eva Longoria) managed to remain selfish and semi-psychotic this week, skipping out on therapy in favor of trips to the spa. It was later revealed that Gabby still has a ton of baggage left over from her childhood, hence the infatuation with the Grace doll. I honestly didn’t feel too invested in Gabby this week — I’m just bummed Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) grew back his beard. The clean-shaven look really worked for him.

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