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Bonnie Says: Denounce the Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords Sarah Palin & Apologize For Putting A Crosshair Target On Her!

After seeing the national tragedy that has happened in Arizona Sarah, it is time for you to acknowledge the role your actions could have possibly played! Sarah Palin -- you need to speak up now if you want to save your potential Presidential career. You need to apologize for targeting political opponents with crosshair symbols on an attack map!

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The American people want debate, they want strong differing political views but they DO NOT want their political candidates and representatives made targets for assassination. Sarah- you as the virtual leader of the Tea Party movement have led the gun-slinging rhetoric, primarily against Democrats. You published a map of American Congressional districts last March on your Facebook page before the mid-term elections and you placed gun target “cross hairs” on 20 districts, targeting Democrats, who needed to be “removed ” especially because they supported health care reform. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was elected to one of those 20 targeted districts. It appears that someone  called Jared Loughner, 22,may have taken your target map and calls to arms seriously and now Giffords is fighting for her life, a respected Judge, John M. Roll, is dead, and so is a beautiful 9 year-old girl and three others.

You also exhorted your followers on twitter: “Don’t retreat! Instead – RELOAD!” Giffords’ Republican opponent in the recent Congressional race , Jesse Kelly, seems to have taken this order literally. He actually held  a rally event in which he invited supporters to shoot a machine gun. “Get on target for victory in November. Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly,” on June 12, 2010, his ad for the event announced.

You have to stop your rhetoric which many believe is violence-inciting before more innocent people die and before anyone who wants a political career must wear a bulletproof vest and be surrounded by armed bodyguards at all times.You must address your supporters and order them to stand down and to use their weapons ONLY for hunting and target practice on firing ranges – not for silencing opposing political voices.

Sarah – – you have to take responsibility for raising the level of violence-inciting vitriol in this country. During your Vice- Presidential campaign you announced repeatedly that Barack Obama, ” pals around with terrorists”, eliciting someone in a Clearwater, Florida crowd, listening to you  to shout out “kill him!” Later in Pensacola, you said the same thing about Obama and a woman responded, “Get him, Sarah!”

It’s one thing to show that you can take down a caribou on your reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, but  it’s another to use gun lingo when addressing politicians that happen to disagree with you. This is NOT the Wild West nor the Alaskan frontier, much as you might love to live in it.

Violent words and images clearly have an impact on violence-prone individuals. We’ve seen it before – most clearly when “targeted” abortion providers were murdered. Our democracy is all about debate, but there is no place in it for physically violent and deadly disagreements.

Americans don’t want “differences” ended with assassination attacks or with acts of domestic terrorism. Sarah – President Obama has called for a moment of silence tomorrow at 11 am est. Now, it’s time to silence your political gun lingo and to commit to putting no more of your opponents in “crosshairs”!

Bonnie Fuller

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