‘Bridalplasty’ Recap: It’s Not As Bad As You Think, It Is Actually Somehow Worse!

Where oh where to begin. 12 women, massive body overhauls, injection parties and loads of drinking. This show is a train wreck, albeit one that no one whats to turn away from! Do you enjoy thin beautiful women informing you of their minor imperfections? How about the idea of not seeing the man you're engaged to until the day of you wedding? Oh, and having a new face and body when you do see them? If these are all things you like, than Bridalplasty is the show for you!

12 lovely ladies, almost all in perfect shape, moved into an LA mansion to begin their quest for the perfect manmade body before their upcoming nuptials. Only two could really be dubed as overweight and one, former Biggest Loser contestant Alexandra White, was the only one who seemed to have good reason to be there. Extra skin gets a little tummy tuck and she’s set for her big day. Plus, I always wondered how those Biggest Loser contestants dealt with that after extreme weight loss.

The rest of the whining blonds all blend together, a sea of high pitched noises and some serious boozing. Included in this mix is Shanna Moakler who spends a majority of the show smiling widely and acting surprised. Good work if you can get it I guess.

The highlight was the injection party where the women, upon completing a puzzle of their possible future self, erratically ran down a flight of stairs to get some Botox and a face mask. Fairytales can come true it seems.

It looks like next week we get to see some legit surgery and the introduction of the Recovery Room, where everyone wants to be. I do wonder what the competitions will become however as the women are laid up and drugged post-surgery.

Sadly, I will be tuning in each week to find out. This show is beyond addictive.

-Chris Spargo

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