Rachel Dratch Had Given Up Hope Of Ever Being A Mom, And Says When She Found Out She Was Pregnant, 'I Was Hyperventilating!'

Rachel Dratch, who just gave birth to her first child, a boy named Eli, has been secretive about her baby daddy, but she's finally revealed who he is. Two months after giving birth to her son Eli, funny lady Rachel Dratch, 44, is revealing the story behind her surprise pregnancy and is finally revealing the identity of her baby daddy! "This whole [experience] leaves me speechless," Rachel tells People about being a new mom. The former Saturday Night Live star has never let the name of Eli's father slip -- until now. The daddy is Rachel's boyfriend of a year, John Wahl, a consultant to a natural-foods businesses. And while the truth behind his identity may not be that crazy, Rachel says the whole experience has been "crazy for me."

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“I thought my life was headed a certain way, and then I got a major surprise,” Rachel tells People magazine. Due to her age and lack of a significant other, Rachel had come to terms with leaving motherhood behind. “It was painful,” she recalls. “I knew I didn’t want to have kids on my own, but I’d always envisioned myself with them. I was letting go of that.”

The actress then began embracing her single life — going out and meeting up with friends — and put aside the idea of having a baby. “I was just like, ‘This isn’t the vision I had for my life, but I’m just gonna have to go with it,'” she says. But to her surprise, while out living this single life, Rachel met “a dude at a bar” — John Wahl, who was living in California. The pair started casually dating and then after just six months, Rachel found out she was expecting! “I was hyperventilating,” she explains of looking at the pregnancy test, “I could not believe my eyes!”

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Luckily, her baby daddy was just as excited as she was and eager to help raise the baby. “It was a no-brainer,” he says. John, who is still dating Rachel, moved to his own apartment in New York City to be close to his new family. “I wanted to be a part of Eli’s life everyday,” he says.

Today, Rachel is figuring out what to do with her living room full of baby supplies –including a “deluxe stroller” from SNL friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — and is writing a book about her pregnancy. But the thing she’s finding easiest to adjust to is the lack of sleep. “Everyone says, ‘You’re not getting any sleep,’ but I’m used to this. The SNL hours gave me a bit of an advantage,” Rachel explains.

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John says he’s amazed by Rachel’s easy transition into the new role of mommy. “It stuns me how tireless she is,” he says. “She’s running on new mom euphoria, and it’s entirely amazing to watch.”

Although she’s unsure if marriage is in their future, Rachel says that she and John are completely focused on being wonderful parents to baby Eli. “This has taught me, you never know,” she says. “I feel super lucky.”

–Leigh Blickley

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