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EXCLUSIVE! 'Teen Mom' Farrah's Alleged Boyfriend Tony Lovato Says: 'Farrah And I Are NOT Dating — We've Never Even Spoken!'

Wed, October 13, 2010 8:23pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment

You might have heard Farrah was dating a 30-year-old guy named Tony Lovato, who she met on Twitter. Tony spoke to to set the record straight, and no, he doesn’t want to date you for your kids!

Farrah Abraham is NOT dating Kisses for Kings frontman Tony Lovato. The tatted up singer spoke to Oct. 13 regarding recent reports that claim he’s dating the Teen Mom star. It turns out it couldn’t be further from the truth! Tony is “upset” over the rumors and tells us he’s been “misquoted” by several media outlets. The two did meet over Twitter in July when Tony saw Farrah on the show, and their Twitter exchange ended up turning into a friendship, one that Tony claims was “blown out of proportion.”

“Farrah and I have never even talked on the phone,” says Tony. “We started direct messaging on Twitter, then we became Facebook friends. We decided to make a joke about being in a relationship because she kept cracking jokes when other girls would message me. Then I wrote her joking, when should we update our Facebook status to a relationship? We did it as a total joke.”

But what upsets Tony the most, is that he was quoted saying he only likes girls who have little kids.

“I’m not dangerous to anyone,” says Tony. “I’m babysitting a 3-year-old friend’s kid right now. I never said I’m more attracted to girls who have kids. I said it can sometimes be that the girl is more attractive because it shows a girl who knows how to be responsible, level headed, and more grown up.”

Tony, who used to be signed to Madonna‘s music label Maverick, is also upset that people are bringing up his past, particularly murder charges in 2006. (Lovato was accused of murdering his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, but the case was thrown out by the DA who dismissed it as self-defense.)

“If I did something that wasn’t within my rights I’d be in jail,” he says. “Bad things happen to good people. Now I have to walk around with people judging me. I’ve got tough skin, but when it hurts my mom, dad, and this poor girl Farrah, because people think I’m think I’m this bad guy … it makes me really upset.”

As for whether he and Farrah will meet face to face, that’s unlikely.

“I had invited her to come to a show before all this happened,” says Tony. “But now that it’s gotten out of hand, the next thing you know I will have gotten her pregnant again! That’s what I heard was being reported about me. That’s quite a feat to get someone pregnant over Facebook.”

— Chloe Melas