Is Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard Her Secret New Boyfriend?

The rumors are heating up that America’s reality mom has found love with her bodyguard Steve Neild. There’s just one little problem — he’s married!

Kate Gosselin revealed Aug. 13 that she doesn’t want to be single mom anymore — she even listed all the qualities she’s looking for in a man! But has Kate secretly had a boyfriend all along?

Kate, 35, just ended her week long vacation in Bald Head Island, N.C., with her eight little kiddies and married longtime bodyguard Steve Neild in tow. Everything appeared to be business as usual while Kate shot scenes for her new TLC reality show Kate Plus Eight, until an eyewitness report surfaced in The Huffington Post alleging that Kate and Steve were so cozy on the beach that they were actually sitting side-by-side with their legs touching! This comes right on the heels of Kate describing what she wants in a future mate: “older, wiser, patient and kind” — sounds a lot like Steve if you ask us!

In case you didn’t already know this, Steve goes everywhere Kate goes. Whether it’s jetting off to Alaska to film a camping trip with Sarah Palin, or to one of Kate’s book signings — the New Zealand native is right there fending off the paparazzi. But not only is there some leg touching in this new report, Steve enthusiastically complimented Kate on her bikini body in front of the eyewitness! Do you sit super close to your guy friends while gazing off into the sunset? Didn’t think so.

We starting noticing that Steve was becoming a bigger force in Kate’s life when he appeared on the second episode of Kate Plus 8, which aired Jul. 11. The normally behind the scenes family body guard was turning into Kate’s stand-in hubby! Steve was sitting on the couch gabbing to the camera just as Kate’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin used to do during the days of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

We realize Steve is just doing his job to protect the Gosselin clan, but do you have your bodyguard help make everyday decisions? On Jun. 21 Steve was spotted in the front lawn of Kate’s Reading, PA., home with the landscapers! He was telling the landscaping crew what to do and how to do it — that’s a filler hubby if we’ve ever seen one! Steve wears many hats, because not only is he bodyguard, landscaper, manny, and confidence coach for Kate — he even works out with her! The two were spotted jogging while at Bald Head Island — let’s keep in mind that this vacation spot is only accessible by fairy and they only allow golf carts in the community, so we’re sure Kate wasn’t in too much danger while burning some calories. has told you before, that the former special ops New Zealand police officer is married with two kids. Kate has even called Steve’s wife Gina Neild one of her “good friends.” We’re not sure what to make of all this but something definitely seems suspicious — do you agree?

—Chloe Melas

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