EXCLUSIVE! AnnaLynne McCord Defends Her Pin Thin Shape — Says She's Genetically Blessed!

Do you believe AnnaLynne when she says she’s just a naturally lucky lady when it comes to weight or do you think she’s gone scary skinny to score roles in Hollywood?

AnnaLynne McCord is one of the slimmest celebrities in Hollywood, and she wants you to know that she doesn’t diet and certainly doesn’t try to be skinny!

“I am first and foremost very blessed with good genes,” the 23-year-old starlet told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at the Breakthrough of the Year Awards – where she received Crest 3D White’s Standout Performance award – August 15.  “So I don’t want people to think that [I try to be skinny].”

She added, “I’d like to prove my point that I’m not lying to you – look at my sisters [Angel and Rachel, whom she brought to the event]. We are very blessed. There is also the dynamic of cardio, or whatever else works for you, but for me it’s all about anything fun. I have ADD – not clinically diagnosed, but it might as well be – so I go off crazy. I like things like hiking and belly dancing and rock climbing and random things that are outdoorsy that gets your heart rate going, but aren’t boring treadmill things. No offense to gym-goers, but that’s just not for me. So that would be a non-routine routine.”

But surely Ms. McCord must diet — just look at her! “As for diet, you’re just going to hate me. You’re going to be mad at me,” she tells us. We make no promises.

“Dieting wouldn’t be possible in my life,” the 90210 actress assures us. “If I did not have good genes, I would be the size of a barn.” When we express doubts, she continues, “I love to eat, so it’s all about southern home cooking. I was at BBQ Blues or something on Santa Monica this morning – and oh my god, do they not have the best babyback ribs ever in the universe! The mac and cheese with four cheeses is ridiculous.” She added, “It sounds like I am doing a commercial for them, but don’t hate on the whole no-diet side!”

We’re skeptical – and a little jealous, not going to lie. Do you believe her?

Laura Schreffler & reporting by Russ Weakland

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