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Sandra Bullock's Postponing Her Divorce For Jesse James' Kids!

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Everyone wants Sandra to dump Jesse NOW! But she has a good reason for proceeding with caution … she’s worried about how a split will affect Jesse’s kids.

Despite the urging of her close friends and family (not to mention us here at!), Sandra Bullock is not going ready to divorce Jesse James just yet.

Sandra “refuses to budge or give into people who say she should divorce him immediately,” a source tells The biggest reason she isn’t rushing? “The stress of knowing his three children will be hurt no matter what happens. The kids are what is holding her back from filing the divorce immediately,” said the source.

Jesse is close with Jesse’s two daughters Sunny, 6, and Chandler, 15, as well as his son, Jesse Jr., 12. They’ve all reportedly been living with Sandra while Jesse is in rehab, too! “It’s been tough and she wants to find a balance for them,” the insider says. “They deserve some stability.”

Of course Sandra is heartbroken and the source assures, “They will divorce.” But, as we told you earlier,  “She is trying to pick her way through the mess” first.

“Jesse and his children are her family and in some ways always will be. She is not ready to scrap it all as fast as possible,” the source insists. “She’s taken some time off and plans to stay out of the spotlight.” —Corynne Steindler

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