EXCLUSIVE! Jesse's Daughter Chandler Proclaims: I Love Sandra 'Like A Mommy!'


She’s also a huge fan of Sandra’s movies… and her laugh!

UPDATE: Since this article was posted (Apr. 16, 2010) Chandler’s formspring.me page has been taken down. However, the full transcript from her page with fans’ questions and Chandler’s answers related to this post can be found at the bottom of the text.


We’ve all heard how much Sandra Bullock loves Jesse James‘ six-year-old daughter Sunny, but did you know Sandra is super close with his 16-year-old daughter Chandler, too? Chandler has been fielding questions from fans on her formspring.me account recently, and a lot of them have to do with Sandra, who she says she loves “like a mommmmmy.” She’s been sharing a ton of cute details about their relationship, including one of her favorite Sandra movies!

One of the things Chandler seems to love most about Sandra is her sense of humor. In answering fans’ questions, Chandler admits that Sandra has made her laugh until her stomach hurt. And even though Chandler says she prefers Sandra in comedic roles, she loved her in the 1998 romantic drama Hope Floats, in which she starred alongside Harry Connick Jr.

Here are some other interesting things we learned about Chandler and Sandra from Chandler’s formspring.me page:

  1. Sandra totally does snort when she laughs.
  2. Sandra is definitely NOT a vegetarian… in case you were wondering.
  3. Sandra’s face really is as clear in-person as it looks on screen.
  4. Chandler is not holding out hope that her dad and mom (Karla James) will get back together.
  5. When asked how she feels about Justin Bieber, Chandler replies: “small.”
  6. Chandler’s mom (Karla) and dad (Jesse) live a few streets away from one another.

Some of these facts about Chandler and Sandra’s relationship are really fun… but they also had another heartbreaking layer to this whole situation. Sandra loves all of Jesse’s kids like they were her own, and it looks like they feel the same way about her.


The following is the direct transcript of questions and answer’s from Chandler’s formspring.me page:

Does Sandra actually snort when she laughs?
haha ya

Is Sandy Vegetarian? I don´t think so Uh..

Percentage wise, how much of the stuff in the media about sandy would you say is true ad we should believe? My guess is like 20% I only believe stuff with proof and back up.
well you shouldnt believe any of it. the “proof” is made up bullshit as well..

do u think ur dad and mom will get back together? u know ur mom not step mom.
uhm no

Why isn’t it normal living with “famous people”, they’re just your fam jam right?
because i’m not retarded and am conscious of the fact that my life is not normal

how do you feel about justin bieber?

Has sandy ever made you laugh till your stomach hurt? How awesome is she as a stepmom ;)! You seem like an awesome person btw! Wish I knew you
of course. and thank you

which do u prefer…sandy in a drama or a comedy?

Do you hang out with Sandra’s godson

Is sandras face as clear as she looks on screen? She seems so perfect, you’re lucky to know her
yup really clear

Did Sandra really conviscate your pokemon cards back in the day? Ultimate punishment.
wtf??? i never played with pokemon cards… that was my brother… and where did you hear that??

does ur mom live next door to ur dads house? that must be cool
a few streets away

Have you seen hope floats? That’s my faaavorite Sandra Bullock movie. haha
yup love that movie

like a mommmmmy

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