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NEW HORROR FOR ELIN! Tiger’s Sexcapades With Diner Waitress On Your Kitchen Floor!

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Getty Images, Splashnews.com
Getty Images, Splashnews.com

What a slap in the face! Can you believe Tiger slept with his mistress where Elin and their children eat?

That’s what Mindy Lawton, 33, is telling Vanity Fair in an explosive new interview. She recalls their first night together, a steamy encounter in Tiger and Elin Nordegren‘s kitchen, in which he quickly unbuttoned her blouse and had his way with her on the floor, surrounded by “fine porcelain tile and brushed stainless-steel appliances,” she says.

But sometimes the two didn’t even make it into the house. Mindy says she and Tiger entered his garage one night, and they had sex against one of his golf carts. Mindy vividly describes Tiger’s insatiable sexual appetite, including another night when he allegedly demanded sex from her against the outside of his Cadillac Escalade.

Tiger allegedly requested to see Mindy right before a major golf tournament in 2007. “He wanted that last piece of booty before he could go to his tournament,” Mindy claims. “To make him shoot better.”

Mindy also shares her most recent text messages from Tiger with the magazine. They were exchanged in 2007, after the National Enquirer reportedly caught Tiger and Mindy fooling around in a church parking lot:

  1. Mindy: The National Enquirer has found out
  2. Tiger: They have no proof.
  3. Mindy: Church parking lot.
  4. Tiger: Oh, crap.
  5. Mindy: I need to speak with you.
  6. Tiger: I can’t, I’m at a children’s function right now.

If there’s one thing Elin can take solace in, it’s that despite all the sex Tiger reportedly had with Mindy, it sounds like there was no romance involved whatsoever. In fact, Mindy says Tiger only bought her dinner once — a Subway chicken wrap, valued at $5.75.