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Snooki Reveals How She Got Her Nickname — She Was A Middle School Makeout Queen!

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Do YOU have a childhood nickname that stuck with you?

Have you ever wondered how Nicole Polizzi, 21, became “Snooki”? You might not believe it, but it actually came from Julia Stiles‘ 2001 movie Save the Last Dance! “I think it was like eighth grade, and I was the first girl in my girlfriends to make out with a guy,” she confesses to Rachael Ray on the Jan. 21 episode of her talk show. “So you know Save the Last Dance Snooki the cootchie crook? It was the D.J. Anyway, my girls started calling me Snooki, so it just stuck ever since. I was in eighth grade!” But that’s not the only highlight from the Jersey Shore cast’s visit to the show: Ronnie Magro, 23, and Sammi Giancola, 22, talk about their relationship status, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 27, gives Rachael her own Jersey Shore nickname!

Ronnie says he and Sammi are still together, though their relationship has changed since the two became famous. “It’s pretty hard, but I mean you just deal with it day by day and that’s it,” he says. Sammi adds that “things are good,” but neither of them really elaborate on what happens behind closed doors.

And what would we call Rachael Ray if she became a Jersey Shore girl? Why, “The Appetizer” of course! “I think I thought of one backstage real quick!” The Situation says. “I was trying to think of something with like food and stuff like that weather it was the entrée, but I was like you know what, it’s the appetizer!”

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