Tiger Woods' 14th Mistress Revealed: Meet Theresa Rogers, Repped by Gloria Allred – Hollywood Life

Tiger Woods' 14th Mistress Revealed: Meet Theresa Rogers, Repped by Gloria Allred

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Are you really surprised that Tiger’s list of kittens keeps climbing?

Nothing must surprise Elin Nordegren any more. What’s another number in her husband’s black book of alleged mistresses? Now that Tiger Woods has come clean and ‘fessed up about his infidelities, it shouldn’t be all that shocking that a fourteenth woman has entered the picture.

The latest woman to come forth is Theresa Rogers of Wellington, Fl. The Floridian beauty’s affair with the golf pro lasted the longest of any of the ladies, claims RadarOnline It started before his marriage to Elin and still existed up until the time he was caught. She was reportedly his travel companion, and met him in several cities for clandestine hookups.

As it turns out, Theresa has the most in common with Tiger’s mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel: in addition to falling into the Tiger trap, they are both clients of power attorney Gloria Allred.

But although Theresa may share similarities with Tiger’s other alleged mistresses, she is unique in that she’s the oldest of his gal pals. Yes, Theresa is over 40. Which means one thing: Tiger finally caught himself a Cougar!

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