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Rod Stewart's Son Alistair, 5, Is Being Schooled Over Skype! Does This Sound Like A Bad Idea?

6 years ago 2
The five-year-old will get daily lessons in the family's Las Vegas home, via videolink to a school in the UK! Rod Stewart is determined to make… Read Article ▶

Is Angelina Jolie Right To Reject Schools For her Kids?

6 years ago 0
First Sarah Palin pulled her daughters from school, now Angelina Jolie's blasting the education system, insisting she can teach her kids better at… Read Article ▶

Girl, 10, Takes Her Dad's Drug Stash To School Show & Tell! How Awful!

6 years ago 0
The drugs were hidden in a pack of Haribo candy the poor girl wanted to share with classmates. Luckily an eagle-eyed teacher spotted the cocaine… Read Article ▶

Angelina Jolie Slams Schools, Claiming Her Kids Are Better Off Staying At Home!

6 years ago 26
The actress insists her six children with Brad Pitt learn more globetrotting with their superstar parents then they do at school! Brad Pitt and… Read Article ▶

Parents Banned From Wearing PJs On The School Run! Do You Dress Up For Your Kids?!

6 years ago 4
A school principle in the UK is setting a dress code for scruffy moms and dads -- because he's sick of seeing parents wearing pajamas! Chris Wain… Read Article ▶

Would You Be Outraged If Your Child Was Kicked Out Of School For Farting?

6 years ago 2
Dad James Nichols is! His 13-year-old son Anthony and a pal were suspended following a flatulence outbreak on a school bus. The gassy pair was… Read Article ▶

Six-Year-Old Takes Gun To School And Accidentally Shoots Himself & Two Classmates!

6 years ago 0
Police have launched an investigation in Houston, Texas after a six-year-old boy sneaked a gun into school and accidentally shot himself and two… Read Article ▶

Sarah Jessica Parker Ditches Her Black Puffer For A Purple Coat! Yay, It's Almost Spring!

6 years ago 0
A usually drab walk to school in NYC turns sunny today as Sarah Jessica and James Wilke head out wearing bright-colored coats! If there is anyone… Read Article ▶

Scary New School Bullying Video—The Victim Got Suspended, Too! Why??

6 years ago 7
In this controversial new video, a boy is taunted and punched repeatedly—then he just can't take it anymore! This new video of a school boy being… Read Article ▶

Gwyneth Paltrow Let Apple Skip School For A Day Of Beauty — Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, Would Be Mortified!

6 years ago 6
Can you believe Gwyneth let her 6-year-old have a 'sick' day from school so they could bond? This is exactly why Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, says Western… Read Article ▶

Is Reese Witherspoon Pregnant? She Was Seen Buying A Pregnancy Test!

6 years ago 3
It looks like the newly engaged star is going to be expanding her family again soon! Reese Witherspoon has a lot to celebrate in 2011. She just got… Read Article ▶

Ben Affleck And Jen Garner Hold Hands While Picking Violet Up From School. Aww!

6 years ago 0
Isn't it great that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are such hands-on parents? There's not a nanny in sight as they pick up daughter Violet from… Read Article ▶

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchboxes Are The Cutest Things To Carry To School!

7 years ago 0
Want to give your little student something to smile about? Send them to school with a colorful Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie! Trendy lunchboxes are all the… Read Article ▶

Did Growing Up On Camera Lead To Gosselin Kids Being Expelled? Experts Say Yes!

7 years ago 2
Experts tell HollyBaby that living their entire lives in front of TV cameras is definitely hurting the eight little stars. "There's a feeling that… Read Article ▶

Two Of Kate Gosselin's Kids — Alexis & Collin — Expelled From School For Fighting!

7 years ago 87
Kate Gosselin's kids are acting out at school and suffering major consequences. In Touch reports that two of her eight children aren't allowed to go… Read Article ▶
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