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Katherine Heigl's Daughter Naleigh Runs Onstage On 'The View' — So Cute

5 years ago 1
[flv custom_thumbnail="" ][/flv] Katherine's adorable little girl stole the show… Read Article ▶

Katherine Heigl's Daughter Naleigh Makes Her Talk Show Debut

5 years ago 0
The 'Grey's Anatomy' star's adorable three-year-old was put in the spotlight, but she was too shy to say anything! On the Jan. 17 episode of Jimmy… Read Article ▶
Katherine Heigl Halloween

Katherine Heigl Reveals Her Daughter's Halloween Costume!

6 years ago 0
Katherine recently dished to about her adorable daughter and their big Halloween plans! caught up with Katherine Heigl… Read Article ▶
Fame Pictures

Katherine Heigl's Baby, Naleigh Is BEYOND Adorable!

6 years ago 2
That face! And that OUTFIT! Here's how to get her look! Katherine Heigl's daughter Naleigh, 2, might be world's cutest celeb baby, and her winter… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Katherine Heigl! You're 32 Today, November 24!

6 years ago 0
The Life As We Know It Star has had a year full of changes! With a new baby and a smoking habit kicked to the curb, Katherine has a lot to… Read Article ▶

Katherine Heigl Fights With Hubby Josh Kelley Over How To Raise Daughter Naleigh

7 years ago 2
When it comes to raising a child, it's important to agree on the fundamentals, but Katherine Heigl and her singer husband don't always see… Read Article ▶

Isn't Katherine Heigl's Daughter, Naleigh, Just The Most Adorable Little Girl?

7 years ago 0
What a precious pair! Katherine Heigl and her adorable daughter, Naleigh. head to a children's event at a public library! Katherine Heigl and Josh… Read Article ▶

Katherine Heigl Doesn't Want To Get Pregnant: 'I Would Be The Biggest, Whiny, Brat In The Universe!'

7 years ago 2
The Life As We Know It star revealed that she's planning on adopting baby number two, but isn't interested in having one of her own right… Read Article ▶

Katherine Heigl's Potty Mouth Is Getting Her Into Trouble With Her Husband, Josh Kelley!

7 years ago 0
The Life As We Know It star is trying to stop swearing so that her daughter, Naleigh, won't pick up the bad habit. Katherine Heigl admits that she… Read Article ▶

Katherine Heigl On Adopting Daughter Naleigh: 'It Felt Natural And Right To Me'

7 years ago 0
The Life As We Know It star admits that when she first met her adopted daughter, they were both "kind of scared," and her first thought was, "Oh, my… Read Article ▶

Watch! New Mom Katherine Heigl Gave Up Cigarettes — And Says She'll Always Tell Her Kids Never To Smoke!

7 years ago 1
Good for you, Katherine! We're so happy you put your little girl first, and dropped your nasty cigarette habit! New mom, Katherine Heigl, is a… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Katherine Heigl Talks Baby Naleigh: 'I Give Up — She Is So Her Father's Daughter!'

7 years ago 0
Baby Naleigh is definitely a daddy's girl, but her mommy Katherine Heigl thinks it's A-OKAY! It's no use -- Katherine Heigl has accepted the fact… Read Article ▶

Exclusive! Katherine Heigl Is Tired Of Changing Daughter Naleigh's Diapers: 'I'm So Committed To Potty Training!'

7 years ago 0
The star of Life As We Know It shares her tips with for getting her daughter to stop crying, reveals her worst poopy diaper moment and… Read Article ▶

Katherine Heigl Couldn't Wait To Hear Her Daughter, Naleigh, Say 'Mama'!

7 years ago 0
Her little girl got the hang of saying "dada" straight away, but when it took forever for her to say that other special word, the actress worried a… Read Article ▶

Do You Think Katherine Heigl Is An Obnoxious Parent Because She Pushed Her Daughter To Start Walking?

7 years ago 0
The former Grey's Anatomy star and her husband, Josh Kelley, were afraid their adopted daughter, Naleigh, might be developing too slowly. But an… Read Article ▶
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