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Malaysia Flight 370

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Malaysia Flight 370 Debris Found

Malaysia Flight: Debris In Colors Of Flight Spotted 1,000 Miles From Takeoff

12 months ago 2
The mystery behind the disappearance of MH370 continues to deepen every day. British marine archaeologist, Tim Akers, has been studying Australian… Read Article ▶
Michael Hoebel Found Plane

Malaysia Flight 370: US Pilot Says He’s Found The Missing Plane

12 months ago 33
US pilot Michael Hoebel reported to his hometown TV station on April 27 that he's found Missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 -- a mystery that eight… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of wivb
Tony Abbott Malaysia Flight

Australian Prime Minister Finally Reveals The Fate Of Flight 370

12 months ago 3
Terrible news was released on April 28. At a press conference Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott explained that the surface search for missing… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight 370: Plane Wreckage Finally Washes Ashore

Malaysia Flight 370: Plane Wreckage Finally Washes Ashore

12 months ago 12
More 'objects of interest' were found in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on April 23 off the Australian coast, including a piece… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight 370 Landed

Malaysia Flight 370 Landed & Hiding Somewhere – New Investigation

12 months ago 40
The long-winded search for Flight 370 just got a little more complicated -- it may have actually landed. Unfortunately, the new investigation hasn't… Read Article ▶
malaysia flight flown low

Malaysia Flight: New Hijacking Evidence That Plane Avoided Detection

1 year ago 5
Startling new evidence suggest that the pilot of Malaysia flight 370 used fighter jet tactics to dodge radar after cutting off contact with air… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Pilot Phone Call

Malaysia Flight 370: Pilot Made Distress Call & Was Abruptly Cut Off

1 year ago 10
The pilot of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 reportedly made a phone call that 'was abruptly cut off' before the plane mysteriously vanished. Could this… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Enterprise News and Pictures/Getty
Malaysia 370 Wreckage Found

Malaysia Flight 370: First Photos Of Plane Wreckage?

1 year ago 21
On April 5, what could be the wreckage of ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been spotted drifting in a remote section of the Indian Ocean… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CNN
Malaysia Flight Found

Malaysia Flight: Black Box Discovered? New Pulse Signal

1 year ago 10
A Chinese patrol ship, one of the many still searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean, discovered on April 5 a… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Of Australian Maritime Safety Authority Getty
Malaysia Flight Search

Malaysian Flight 370: ‘Most Promising Leads Yet’ Discovered In Search

1 year ago 16
Australian aircraft crews spotted new objects floating in the waters off the western coast of Australia on March 30, and investigators are calling… Read Article ▶
Rob Griffith - Pool/News/Getty Images
Malaysia Flight Miracle

Malaysia Flight Miracle: Officials Say Passengers Might Still Be Alive

1 year ago 8
The families of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 have renewed hope after Malaysian officials claimed that there's still a possibility survivors could be… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight New Debris

Malaysia Flight Finally Found: Search Airplanes Find Multiple Objects In Ocean

1 year ago 7
Australian authorities believe they are closer to finding the real wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. New objects have been found in the… Read Article ▶
Rob Griffith - Pool/News/Getty Images
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