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Malaysia Flight 370

19 Malaysia Flight 370 Articles
Malaysia Flight 370 Found

Malaysia Flight 370: Aircraft Debris Found Matches Boeing — Report

2 years ago 1
Confirmed? The debris that officials discovered on Reunion Island reportedly matches the same part that would be found on a Boeing 777. This could… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CNN
Malaysia Flight Found Luggage

Malaysia Flight 370: Possible Passenger Luggage Found Near Debris

2 years ago 1
Whoa. Authorities believed they found new debris that belongs to the missing Malaysia Flight 370, but did they also discover a passenger's luggage? A… Read Article ▶
Getty Images
malaysia airlines flight 370 found

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Has Wreckage Finally Been Found?

2 years ago 0
Well, this is kind of crazy. Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? You know, the one that mysteriously disappeared back in March 2014. Well, it… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight 370 Debris Found

Malaysia Flight: Debris In Colors Of Flight Spotted 1,000 Miles From Takeoff

3 years ago 2
The mystery behind the disappearance of MH370 continues to deepen every day. British marine archaeologist, Tim Akers, has been studying Australian… Read Article ▶
Michael Hoebel Found Plane

Malaysia Flight 370: US Pilot Says He’s Found The Missing Plane

3 years ago 35
US pilot Michael Hoebel reported to his hometown TV station on April 27 that he's found Missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 -- a mystery that eight… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of wivb
Tony Abbott Malaysia Flight

Australian Prime Minister Finally Reveals The Fate Of Flight 370

3 years ago 3
Terrible news was released on April 28. At a press conference Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott explained that the surface search for missing… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight 370: Plane Wreckage Finally Washes Ashore

Malaysia Flight 370: Plane Wreckage Finally Washes Ashore

3 years ago 12
More 'objects of interest' were found in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on April 23 off the Australian coast, including a piece… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight 370 Landed

Malaysia Flight 370 Landed & Hiding Somewhere – New Investigation

3 years ago 40
The long-winded search for Flight 370 just got a little more complicated -- it may have actually landed. Unfortunately, the new investigation hasn't… Read Article ▶
malaysia flight flown low

Malaysia Flight: New Hijacking Evidence That Plane Avoided Detection

3 years ago 5
Startling new evidence suggest that the pilot of Malaysia flight 370 used fighter jet tactics to dodge radar after cutting off contact with air… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Pilot Phone Call

Malaysia Flight 370: Pilot Made Distress Call & Was Abruptly Cut Off

3 years ago 10
The pilot of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 reportedly made a phone call that 'was abruptly cut off' before the plane mysteriously vanished. Could this… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Enterprise News and Pictures/Getty
Malaysia 370 Wreckage Found

Malaysia Flight 370: First Photos Of Plane Wreckage?

3 years ago 21
On April 5, what could be the wreckage of ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been spotted drifting in a remote section of the Indian Ocean… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CNN
Malaysia Flight Found

Malaysia Flight: Black Box Discovered? New Pulse Signal

3 years ago 10
A Chinese patrol ship, one of the many still searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean, discovered on April 5 a… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Of Australian Maritime Safety Authority Getty
Malaysia Flight Search

Malaysian Flight 370: ‘Most Promising Leads Yet’ Discovered In Search

3 years ago 16
Australian aircraft crews spotted new objects floating in the waters off the western coast of Australia on March 30, and investigators are calling… Read Article ▶
Rob Griffith - Pool/News/Getty Images
Malaysia Flight Miracle

Malaysia Flight Miracle: Officials Say Passengers Might Still Be Alive

3 years ago 8
The families of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 have renewed hope after Malaysian officials claimed that there's still a possibility survivors could be… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Flight New Debris

Malaysia Flight Finally Found: Search Airplanes Find Multiple Objects In Ocean

3 years ago 7
Australian authorities believe they are closer to finding the real wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. New objects have been found in the… Read Article ▶
Rob Griffith - Pool/News/Getty Images
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