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Flight 370

6 Flight 370 Articles
Malaysia Flight 370 Carrying Batteries

Malaysian Plane Had Lethal Cargo Onboard: Airline Finally Admits It

3 years ago 28
As the search continues for Flight MH370, the CEO of Malaysia Airlines has admitted that the missing airliner was carrying highly flammable lithium… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Airlines Zombie Plane

Malaysia Flight: Did Deadly Fumes Or Smoke Turn It Into ‘Zombie Plane’?

3 years ago 6
A chilling new 'zombie plane' theory claims that deadly fumes or an accidental loss of cabin pressure could have knocked out everyone on… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Airlines Flight Crew Knocked Out

Malaysia Flight: Were Crew & Passengers Mysteriously Knocked Out?

3 years ago 1
A new lead in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery suggests that an on-board emergency may have knocked out the plane's crew and passengers… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Airlines Plane Found

Malaysia Flight Wreckage Found?: 78 Ft Debris Spotted Off Australian Coast

3 years ago 2
Could the fate of Malaysia Flight 370 finally be discovered? A desperate search is on off the coast of Australia after sightings of large debris and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crash Area

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Satellite Finds ‘Suspected Crash Area’

3 years ago 22
A Chinese satellite searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 airliner may have located the crash site at sea, according to a Chinese… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Malaysian Airlines/Courtesy of Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Flight 370 CIA

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: CIA Investigates Possible Pilot Suicide

3 years ago 25
The CIA is investigating a theory that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 could have possibly been brought down by pilot suicide. The mystery… Read Article ▶