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Malaysia Flight 370 Carrying Batteries

Malaysian Plane Had Lethal Cargo Onboard: Airline Finally Admits It

12 months ago 28
As the search continues for Flight MH370, the CEO of Malaysia Airlines has admitted that the missing airliner was carrying highly flammable lithium… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Airlines Zombie Plane

Malaysia Flight: Did Deadly Fumes Or Smoke Turn It Into ‘Zombie Plane’?

12 months ago 6
A chilling new 'zombie plane' theory claims that deadly fumes or an accidental loss of cabin pressure could have knocked out everyone on… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Airlines Flight Crew Knocked Out

Malaysia Flight: Were Crew & Passengers Mysteriously Knocked Out?

12 months ago 1
A new lead in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery suggests that an on-board emergency may have knocked out the plane's crew and passengers… Read Article ▶
Malaysia Airlines Plane Found

Malaysia Flight Wreckage Found?: 78 Ft Debris Spotted Off Australian Coast

12 months ago 2
Could the fate of Malaysia Flight 370 finally be discovered? A desperate search is on off the coast of Australia after sightings of large debris and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crash Area

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Satellite Finds ‘Suspected Crash Area’

12 months ago 22
A Chinese satellite searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 airliner may have located the crash site at sea, according to a Chinese… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Malaysian Airlines/Courtesy of Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Flight 370 CIA

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: CIA Investigates Possible Pilot Suicide

12 months ago 25
The CIA is investigating a theory that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 could have possibly been brought down by pilot suicide. The mystery… Read Article ▶
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