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Kanye West Cries

Kanye West Walks Out Of Interview In Tears — Watch

2 years ago 7
Someone get a Kleenex for Kanye West! The rapper broke down in a BBC Radio 1 interview on Feb. 26 while talking about the death of his mentor. For… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of BBC Radio 1

President Obama A Baby Whisperer? Hey Michelle, Maybe You SHOULD Have More Kids!

6 years ago 1
At a recent White House meet-and-greet, the President showed off his peacemaking skills as he comforted a screaming baby, who immediately stopped… Read Article ▶

Gwyneth Paltrow On Her Battle With Postpartum Depression: 'I Felt Like A Zombie'

6 years ago 1
We think it's great that the 38-year-old is opening up about the emotional nightmare her life became after giving birth to son, Moses, now 4. "I… Read Article ▶

Knox And Vivienne Jolie-Pitt Are Having Night Terrors! Experts Blame Jet-Set Lifestyle

7 years ago 2
Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt are reportedly suffering from night terrors. Experts tell HollyBaby that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's constant… Read Article ▶

New Study Finds That Babies Who Cry A Lot May Have Behavioral Problems Later In Life. Do You Believe It?

7 years ago 0
A new study suggests that there's a link between fussiness at a very early age and psychological issues as the child gets older. Is your infant… Read Article ▶

Christina Aguilera Says There's Been 'Tears And Sadness' Since Splitting With Husband Jordan Bratman

7 years ago 0
Christina Aguilera hasn't wanted to get out of bed since splitting with husband Jordan Bratmand but she's forcing herself to keep going for the sake… Read Article ▶

What Do YOU Think Of Spencer Pratt’s Newfound Spirituality? Is He Genuine, Or Is It Just Another Publicity Stunt?

7 years ago 6
Spencer claims he's a whole new man! What do YOU think? Could Spencer Pratt, 26, have truly found enlightenment? We've certainly noticed a change… Read Article ▶

Spencer Pratt Says He’s Been Crying Every Day Lately — Spencer, What Do You Have To Be Sad About?

7 years ago 2
[caption id="attachment_37139" align="alignnone" width="544"][/caption] Could you possibly be heartbroken over Heidi Montag's new… Read Article ▶