Sofia Richie Uses This Body Oil to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Sofia Richie shared this product as a must-have during her pregnancy journey to help prevent stretch marks.

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Sofia Richie, who revealed her pregnancy in January, has graciously shared the essential products that have been her trusted companions during her journey over the past 7 months. Among the standout items is the remarkable HATCH Belly Oil, a true ally for expectant mothers. Specifically designed to shield the skin of your blossoming bump, this luxurious oil ensures total hydration as the skin expands during pregnancy. All without any heavy or greasy sensation, this oil is the perfect addition to your pregnancy skincare routine.

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“I have been figuring out things that work for me and things that have helped me,” Sofia shared in a recent TikTok. After mentioning the Hatch oil, she said, “I don’t feel disgusting when I put my clothes on over it. So, this is really nice, this is my second bottle.” This product will not only hydrate your skin to feel super smooth and soft but work wonders for helping in the disappearance of stretch marks and scars. It was specifically curated to help pregnant women, as it supports the skin as it stretches.

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The product contains a touch of “plant-based magic.” It features calendula, renowned for its healing properties and irritation prevention, sweet almond oil rich in vitamin E to moisturize and stimulate regeneration, and grapefruit oil, a source of antioxidants with a delicate citrus aroma. It’s completely pregnancy-safe — nutrient-rich and natural. It also dries quickly — so the oil is perfect for if you’re in a rush to put on clothing after applying.