Shoppers Are ‘Honestly Shocked’ By The Results They See With This Rice Water Scalp Spray

Finally, an effective hair growth solution that leaves your hair looking healthier than ever. 

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Are you on the quest for long, luscious locks? It seems like everyone out there is looking for ways to grow longer, thicker hair. Some products may feel like they’re working, but don’t give you any results. From hair growth supplements to specialty shampoos, there are so many things on the market that promise to grow your hair but sometimes you feel like you’ve tried them all—so how about trying something a little bit different, like rice? Yes, rice. There are a lot of nutrients packed inside those little grains and for centuries rice water has been used as a hair growth solution in parts of Asia. 

ProBlivia Rice Water Hair Growth Treatment Leave-in Scalp Spray – Buy it on Amazon

The ProBlivia Rice Water Hair Growth Treatment Leave-in Scalp Spray uses that ancient method and packs in a ton of other hair growth-promoting ingredients to give you a leave-in scalp spray that gives you just the results you’ve been yearning for. 

A white bottle of Probliva's rice water leave-in spray for scalp next to a pile of rice grains

This maximum-strength hair growth treatment works to improve hair growth. while strengthening and smoothing your hair strands from the root. This results in shiny, silky and healthy hair. It also has caffeine and biotin infused in it to help stimulate hair follicles.

The leave-in can be used on all hair types by men and women and it’s super easy to use. Just spray one-two pumps worth of product (once a day) and massage your scalp with it. Since it’s a leave-in treatment, you don’t have to wash it out but you can if you want to (wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing). For the very best results, keep using it every day. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Amazon Reviewers are also loving the easy-to-use, result-driven treatment:

“I applied it on my damp head and massaged it on my scalp (…) when it dried I was like no way, no way I’ve spent 27 years without this product, my hair was fluffy and voluminous and shiny and healthy looking! Now about a week in I feel so many tiny little hairs coming in all over my scalp.”

Stop searching for the perfect hair growth solution and try the ProBlivia Rice Water Hair Growth Treatment Leave-in Scalp Spray. This leave-in treatment will help you grow long, thick hair the natural way. Just massage the product into your scalp and let the results speak for themselves.