Jennifer Lawrence Never Forgets to Exfoliate With Her Favorite Product

Jennifer Lawrence recommends this exfoliator to use in the shower every day.

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jennifer lawrence
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To achieve smooth skin, you need a good quality exfoliator to buff away the dead skin cells. Jennifer Lawrence shared the go-to exfoliator she uses in the shower — the Eminence Almond & Mineral Treatment, which is currently on sale. There are finely crushed almonds in the treatment that will gently yet effectively exfoliate your skin to reveal silky and radiant skin. It’s organic, completely natural, and cruelty-free.

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“I exfoliate every night,” Jennifer shared with Harper’s Bazaar. Just moisturizing your skin isn’t going to cut it — by exfoliating beforehand, you’re prepping your skin for that moisturizer and revealing the perfect base to absorb it. You’re also promoting cell turnover and leaving your skin looking as fresh as new. If you are sick of those bumps on your legs or arms, exfoliating with this product will do the trick — ensuring a more even skin texture. Also, by exfoliating, you are unclogging your pores — so not only will your skincare products penetrate more efficiently, but it will help stop breakouts from occurring. Lastly, exfoliating before shaving is an essential step that you cannot miss. It will help prevent ingrown hairs and help the razor finish the job of removing dead skin cells.

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As stated before, there are crushed almonds in the formula, which are rich in Vitamin E oil — so you don’t have to worry about the exfoliator drying out your skin. Other ingredients include paprika, which helps to increase stimulation and oxygen into the skin, honey to help absorb the moisture, ivy to tone and tighten the pores, and a biocomplex, which is an antioxidant booster to help your skin fight against environmental aggressors.