Over 11,000 People Swear By This Foldable Smartphone Screen Magnifier That Projects All Of Your Fave Shows

Wish you had something to transform your small iPhone screen into something bigger when watching your favorite show? This screen magnifier may be just what you're looking for & it's on sale for Black Friday.

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Smartphone Screen Magnifier
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If you’ve been binge-watching a ton of TV shows and movies – then you’re in luck. Since not all of us have a surplus of televisions in our home, the only solution a lot of the time is to watch shows and films on our tiny little iPhone screen. This means squinting, hands cramping trying to hold up the screen, and strain on the neck. No, thank you! Thanks to this amazing foldable, smartphone screen magnifier, you won’t have to look any further for a solution to maximize the picture of your entertainment of choice. Over 11,000 people have found this magnifier to be such a game-changer, and for only $22 it could be yours.

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The entertainment gods are answering your prayers for a better viewing experience! This screen magnifier for smartphones (yes, this applies to all of the Android owners out there, too) magnifies the tiny little screen of your phone to a whole new level. For all those TV and movie fanatics out there, this projector is the perfect gift. Or, if you’re someone who’s on the go a lot, you don’t need to settle for a poor, small viewing screen any longer thanks to this amazing solution. This screen magnifier works exactly like a projector screen for a phone, so it simply doubles the size of the screen your phone has so you can enjoy all of your favorites with more comfort and enjoyment, while also being in HD. A larger picture plus a clear picture to boot – what more could you want?

Magnified Smartphone Screen Projector

Whether you are a common iPhone user or have an Android device, this screen magnifier is compatible with whichever device you have. It’s universally built to deliver the same quality, magnified picture regardless of the type of phone, and it doesn’t even require a battery! This projector is amazingly versatile and is totally lightweight and portable. So, if you’re traveling with it and are worried about it bogging you down and taking up space, no worries! It’s collapsable and can be transformed into a thin structure when you need to keep it tucked away in a bag or storage space. If you travel for work, or just like to change locations often as you work, you could easily add a Bluetooth keyboard to this projector and view work emails right off of your phone with ease, and even type up emails and other documents effortlessly.

Now, let’s talk about customer reviews. Over 11,000 people have had nothing but good things to say about this handy, portable yet powerful screen projector. One of the bunch said, with enthusiasm, “When I am traveling and don’t have access to my large computer monitor I use this magnifier to turn my small phone display into a larger view as what I would see via my tablet. Nifty gadget…” Another pleased customer wrote “I was very excited when I first heard about screen magnifier , what a brilliant idea! I watch shows on my phone all the time. After my son breaks the second tablet, we decide no more iPad or tablet in our house. Maybe because I watch my phone too much, or maybe it’s age. I feel the phone screen is not big enough. This screen magnifier is what I need. It’s very simple, quality is good.” See? Read through the pages of satisfied customers who have rated this projector at nearly five stars, because this magnifier is a total upgrade from your tiny phone screen.

People rave about this gizmo’s powerful capability, plus its sleek, wooden-like design which makes it very aesthetically appeasing. It looks great on top of any coffee table, and won’t clash with the decor of your home with an ugly plastic exterior. For only $20, say goodbye to squinting and craning your neck to see a small picture for a magnified, portable version thanks to this awesome device. Happy viewing!