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How To Shape The Perfect Brows: Expert Tips

If you want to get perfectly shaped brows without breaking the bank, we have expert tips on how to do it at home.

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Getting perfectly shaped brows can seem complicated, but with the right tips, it’s actually quite simple. Even better, you don’t have to spend a ton of money at a salon because HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Emily H. Rudman, Emilie Heathe Founder & CEO, on what steps you need to take to get fabulous brows.

Eyebrow shaping. (puhhha/Adobe)

Emily shared her exact step-by-step routine you should follow below:

1. “Depending on the brow look I am going for I love to use a harder smaller pencil to outline the top and bottom of my brow to define the shape.” Emily suggests using the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil.

2. “Then for ease, I like using a softer pencil like the one from Sania Brow Bar or our Emilie Heathe Full Up Brow Powder to fill in the rest of the brow and use a spoolie to brush up and blend.

3. “The thinner pencil allows me to also create hair-like strokes in the areas I have more sparseness. For an everyday brow look on the go or the ‘lazy girl’ brow, I use Full Up Brow Powder. The key to greatly defined brows is anchoring your hand/elbow on a desk/your face to really have the most control as you apply the product. I’m a fan of the soap brow look but it’s not for everyone, so be mindful of that when using gels and soap products.

4. “For a sharper brow look – using a touch of concealer or foundation to really bring the focus is a tried and true way to define the brows.”