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10 Best Buys For Babies This Holiday Season: From Cute Outfits, To Toys & More

Buying for a baby doesn't have to be hard! Take a look through this incredible list of cute gift options from at-home accessories, to adorable apparel & toys, for all of the babies on your list this holiday season.

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Baby Gift Guide
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Babies may be tiny, but the holiday season is a huge opportunity to shower them with adorable gifts. You can’t forget about the little one in your life when you start Christmas shopping this year, no matter how busy and chaotic it can be to round together gifts for everyone on your list. Whether the baby you’re shopping for would love some new toys to play with, or needs something a little more practical, that their mom and dad would love, baby present ideas are endless – and it’s really hard to go wrong! Take baby clothing, for instance. It’s hard not to instantly melt at the sight of an adorable onesie in the baby department of a store, and don’t forget how cute those miniature pairs of Timberlands or Nikes for little ones are. It’s no wonder most new moms go wild when buying clothes and accessories for their newborn! This holiday, we’ve got a cute selection of apparel for you to look through to get those baby gift ideas flowing!

On the other hand, if you’re more of a toy person and just know your newborn niece or nephew would love to unwrap something to play with this year, we’ve got you covered there, too. Thanks to the geniuses at Amazon who are always inspiring us with gift-giving ideas, we’ve batched together some amazing baby toys that would work as fabulous baby gifts this holiday – from basic learning kits to motor skill-building toys. Plus, whether it’s for your baby or someone else’s, keeping the little tike preoccupied with an entertaining gizmo takes a load off for all parents who need the occasional breather from parenthood (you know who you are, and we are here for you.) Keep your newborn busy with a toy they’ll be sure to love, while they’ll also develop key learning skills.

Hit the nail right on the head this holiday season with the best baby gifts for all the little ones in your life! Take a look through the list below to explore this bunch of clothing, toys, accessories, and more – all of which are almost too cute to handle, and will be perfect under the tree this year. We’re positive you’re going to love these!

1. Pacifier Clip/ Binky Holder For Baby Boys & Girls

Attention, new parents! If you or anyone you know has a newborn, y’all can probably agree that there’s nothing more annoying than a pacifier constantly falling on the floor, therefore needing immediate cleaning to get germs and dirt off. Thankfully, this pacifier clip and binky holder keeps either one nice and secure, as it clips to your baby’s clothes without going astray. The set comes with two clips, and they’re totally baby-proof, safe. The clips are lead and phthalates free and are made from a food-grade silicone material which is ideal for your baby’s teeth development. The design makes it easy for parents to open and close, yet is too difficult for a baby to pull off or break. These clips also work for teething toys, blankets, and even drool bibs – literally attach it to just about anything! This is the perfect little gift for your coworker, sister, or whoever you know that just had a baby and needs a quick and easy solution to rogue pacifiers or binkies. $10,

Pacifier Clip


2. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Give the gift of playful learning to the little baby on your list this holiday! This sit-to-stand learning walker from VTech is the perfect way to provide interactive learning and comes in the easy form of a baby walker with hassle-free setup and packaging. This all-in-one learning center comes with 5 piano keys that play cheery music, inspiring your baby to get creative – using the 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that all help boost motor skills in early childhood development. It’s even got a built-in, pretend telephone for your little one to have some role-playing fun. With more than 7- sing-along songs, sound effects, and musical phrases, this learning walker will be sure to entertain any young child from 9 months to even 3 years old, while simultaneously educating them right at home! $34,

VTech Sit To Stand Walker


3. Baby Boy or Girl Fleece Booties

Ok, cuteness overload! These precious soft booties make an awesome baby gift for that cutie pie you want to find the perfect present for. No matter a boy or girl, these machine-washable booties are so stylish and will keep any baby’s feet nice and warm all winter long. They’re lightweight, have a gripping and non-slip sole, and are available in either cotton or fleece to provide a gentle softness for a baby’s delicate skin. The hook and loop closure keep them fastened and secure, so they won’t fall off while your baby is riding around in a stroller or sound asleep during a daily nap. Choose from over 30 styles and prints to suit the baby you’re shopping for, but we can guarantee these little booties will go with just about anything. $12,

Infant Fleece Booties


4. Kids Musical Educational Mat

Musical presents are way more fun – no question about it. This educational, musical learning mat is the most musical, educational gift you could give to the cute little baby you’re shopping for. This mat’s got 8 unique instrument sounds such as piano, violin, accordion, guitar, xylophone, and more, along with corresponding music tones to keep your baby fully entertained for hours. It helps train a baby right from the start to learn music knowledge and basic sounds. This life-size mat is large enough that babies can step right onto the piano keys to activate the music, making it that much more fun. The fabric is soft and non-toxic, so it’s completely baby-friendly and comfortable for kids’ feet. Plus, the mat is portable so it can be easily transportable for playdates, sitters, and more. Any newborn would love to grow up with this special toy, and their parents would be happy to have them learn in such a creative way at a young age. $25,

Kids Musical Learning Mat


5. 6-Piece Bodysuit Set – Long & Short Sleeved

This best-selling, 5-star customer rated set of assorted bodysuits is exactly what every baby needs in their growing wardrobe. From ‘Simple Joys’ by Carter, this bodysuit bundle includes 6 pieces: two long-sleeve bodysuits, two short-sleeve bodysuits, and two pairs of pants, all 100% cotton and imported. They’ve got a lapped neckline for quality, plus expandable shoulders and nickel-free snaps, and both pairs of pants have elastic waistbands. Carter brings excellent quality to all of their baby garments, and any baby would truly use these onesie basics as a daily outfit to be comfortable and cozy in. $23,

Carter Onesie Set

6. Fabric Baby Book & Activities Set

Obviously, early childhood development is high on the list of importance for new parents. It’s so crucial that newborn babies develop basic reading and motor skills as early as they can, and moms and dads are always looking for safe and fun ways to bring that to the household. This 12-pack set of books and activities is truly just that. Made from soft, non-toxic fabric, your baby will learn how different things feel by using their sense of touch with these cloth activity books, which will stimulate the senses in their brain as well as their memory. Each book in the pack has a different theme, ranging from animals, fruits and vegetables, vehicle shapes, and more to kick start their visual comprehension right away. Best of all, the cloth fabric is non-toxic, tear-resistance, and washable so it couldn’t be any more little human-proof. Any new parent will be relieved to receive such a creative learning gift for their baby, knowing it’s completely safe and effective. $26,

Soft Fabric Learning Activity Set


7. Infant Knitted & Fleece Swaddle Blanket

What would a baby’s life be without endless comfort at nap time? This knitted, fleece-lined, thick swaddle blanket is a must for any nursery, stroller, or crib. Wrap your little one up in this beautifully knitted, wool, and fleece-lined blanket to keep him or her extra warm and cozy. This thick swaddle blanket comes in over 6 beautiful colors, and it’s ultra-comfy and versatile: it can also be used as a sleeping bag, stroller quilt, crib wrap, and more. As an Amazon Choice product with a 5-star rating from heaps of happy customers, this swaddle blanket is a must-give present this holiday. $24,

Knit & Fleece Swaddle Blanket


8. Bandana Bib Set For Boys & Girls

Ah yes, having a baby would not be complete without some good old fashion food stains and drool – right? Bibs are essential when it comes to a newborn, and these super popular bib sets are just what the baby on your list needs for Christmas. They’re gentle on a baby’s skin as they’re made with 100% cotton on the front, and 100% polyester on the back, plus they’re stylish in the form of a bandana (blues for boys, and pinks for girls) and can be paired with any outfit. Protect your little boy or girl’s cute clothes easily with these bibs – just snap it on with the adjustable snap feature, no Velcro involved. The pack comes with a bonus pacifier holder and two universal pacifier clips, too, making it the perfect baby necessity bundle. $14,

Bib Bandana Sets


9. Best Selling Baby Monitor

Having a newborn can definitely be scary, and parents naturally feel the need to always keep an eye on their every move. Rest assured knowing your baby is safe with this Amazon best-selling baby monitor, which could make a very thoughtful (and helpful) gift this holiday. This baby monitor has a crystal clear transmission and eliminates the white noise that comes with most other baby monitors. Simply pop a couple of batteries into the monitor’s parent unit and it will remain on while you move it to a new room. The sound indicator on the monitor has 5 levels that determine the level of sound in a baby’s room, so you can easily tell what’s going on as your little one sleeps. This monitor has excellent reviews from hundreds of happy customers, so it won’t let the recipient down in terms of quality and performance. $19,

VTech Baby Monitor


10. Fleece Baby Animal Onesie

As if babies weren’t cute enough on their own – why not dress them up as an adorable little animal? These fleece onesies are bound to make everyone smile, even a little newborn! From teddy bear to penguin, to duck and more, these animal onesies could be used as an unforgettable Halloween costume or any head-turning outfit. They have rollover cuffs on the sleeves which convert to mittens and booties for those extra cold days, and an asymmetrical zipper making diaper changing a breeze. Any new mom or dad will get a kick out of unwrapping this animal onesie for their baby and will be sure to make their holiday season that much brighter. $30,

Animal Onesies for Babies