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Elvis Presley Costume Guide: How to Dress Like The King Of Rock N’ Roll On A Budget

Ain’t Nothin’ But A Good Costume.

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It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to change color, the days get shorter, and everyone starts thinking about what they’re going to wear for Halloween. Choosing a Halloween costume can be hard. After all, you want to make sure your costume is unique so that you don’t end up wearing the same thing as someone else at the party.  But you also don’t want to go so niche that no one knows who you are. If you’re looking for an instantly recognizable costume that will make you stand out from the crowd, look no further than Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic figures in American pop culture. Born in Mississippi in 1935, Elvis rose to fame in the 1950s with his unique brand of rock and roll. His electrifying performances and catchy songs made him a household name, and he quickly became one of the most popular entertainers in the world. Over the course of his career, Elvis released dozens of hit songs and starred in numerous films. Though he passed away in 1977, Elvis remains hugely popular today, and his music continues to influence generations of artists. There’s no doubt about it: Elvis Presley is a true icon of 20th century popular culture, making him an excellent choice if you want to make a huge statement with your Halloween costume.

The King of Rock and Roll is always an excellent choice for Halloween, and with the release of the new Elvis movie starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks earlier this year, his popularity is only going to increase in 2022. So practice your best impersonation, grab an Elvis Presley costume from Amazon, and put on a show!

Keep reading to see how to create a jaw-dropping Elvis costume on a budget.

Everything you need for a rockin’ costume

Elvis Wig
Topcosplay Black Short Men’s Wig Halloween Costumes: Buy it on Amazon

The most essential part of a good Elvis costume is his iconic hair. Elvis’s thick mane of hair was just as talked about as his dance moves, so finding the right wig to replicate it is key. This short, black wig from Topcosplay does the trick for a reasonable price, and it’s made from breathable materials so you don’t overheat while wearing it. Most importantly, its snug fit should keep it firmly on your head, no matter how many dance moves you do.

“I got several comments that it looked like real hair,” shared one Amazon customer. “There were a few people at the party dressed as Elvis and this wig was the best quality among the party.”


Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume: Buy it on Amazon

There are probably endless outfit possibilities for Elvis costumes, considering how well-known the Rock n’ Roll star was for his fashion, but if you want your Elvis cosplay to stand out, you might as well go big. This Halloween costume replicates the King’s iconic white jumpsuit, complete with a glitter eagle and a rhinestone-accented belt.

The slitted legs give you more flexibility when showing off your dance moves, in case “Hound Dog” or “Monster Mash” start playing. The suit’s red scarf also lets you customize how much skin you show under the jumpsuit’s V-neck so you always feel comfortable in this costume.

This specific suit has been a hit with shoppers, as shown by its 4.4 star rating. One reviewer gushes about the costume saying, “the entire costume was fantastic and was the hit of the night. So many people came up wanting photos with ‘Elvis’ including one lady who started to cry seeing him”. 

If you don’t plan on settling for mediocrity this year and want a costume so good it brings people to literal tears of joy, this is the suit for you.


NUOBESTY Microphone Prop: Buy it on Amazon

You can’t be Elvis this Halloween without a microphone to belt out all his top hits. This microphone prop from Amazon is a perfect fit. This realistic-looking microphone is made of plastic and features a silver finish. It’s great for costumes, photo props, plays and more. Because it’s made of super durable materials, it can withstand a drop or two if your dancing gets too crazy.


SUNGAIT Men’s Military StyleAviator Sunglasses: Buy it on Amazon

Next, you’ll probably want to grab a pair of his iconic sunglasses. This pair from Amazon is under $20 and such good quality you’ll probably end up wearing them all year round. With their bayonet temples and sleek design, they’re the perfect sunglasses for anyone who wants to channel their inner Elvis.

But these sunglasses aren’t just about looks — they’re also practical. The polarized lenses will help reduce glare and eye fatigue, making them perfect for driving or spending a day at the beach. And because they’re designed to block out 100% of UV rays, you can be sure your eyes will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

So whether you’re looking to enhance your costume or just want a pair of sunglasses that will keep your eyes safe and comfortable, grab a pair of these aviator sunglasses.


Bruno Marc Men’s Leather Lined Dress Oxfords Shoes: Buy it on Amazon

Wrap up your iconic ensemble with some classy, retro shoes fit for a king. These white, leather oxford shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your Elvis costume. With their stylish design and leather lining, they’ll have you looking like the King himself. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to wear all night long, so you can dance the night away. Order your pair today and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

Channel your inner Elvis this Halloween

The King is coming back to life this Halloween thanks to you! We can’t help you with your Elvis impersonations or rubber legs, but with just a few simple items that you can buy on Amazon, you can create your own Elvis costume. All you need is a wig, sunglasses, a microphone, and a jumpsuit or white suit. So start shopping today and get ready to rule the party as the king of rock ‘n’ roll himself.