Stretch Your Back After Sitting All Day Long With This Yoga Wheel That’s 18% Off

Sitting down all day as you work? No worries - stretch out your back with this therapeutic yoga wheel that's on sale for less than $25.

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Yoga Wheel
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We hear ya – sitting down all day at work is no good. Sometimes we become so invested in our daily tasks at our jobs that we often forget to stand, stretch, or move away from our chair. If you’re worried for your spine health due to sitting all day long, you needn’t fear any longer! We’ve got an amazing yoga wheel for you to try that’s 18% off, and could relieve all of your knots, tightness, and back discomfort.

Get the Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel here for just $23!

Hello, flexibility! Goodbye, pain! The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel is designed to improve flexibility in the back, and also stretch out those hips, abdomen, and chest that grow tight from sitting all day. By placing the wheel between the shoulder blades and rolling up and down the back, tension is released in the form of a safe yet deep massage. This doesn’t only open up the back, but it increases flexibility, too. The wheel is versatile, and can also help roll out any tight muscles or “stress” knots, which are commonly found in the neck. It’s small enough to be placed right under the neck & upper spine area, directly targeting the vertebrae. Attack muscle pain right at the root, and relieve all tension from sitting all day.

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel won’t skid or move around thanks to its durable, eco-friendly TPE padding: which also has moisture-resistant technology, keeping all germs and bacteria away. The wheel’s material also provides a soft and comfortable sensation to wherever it’s being used. Plus, the strong inner core will support up to 500 lbs, so it really won’t bend under any circumstances. You need to get your hands on this yoga wheel if you’re an all-day sitter, and get rid of any tension or knots for good!

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