Get Ready For Your Next Zoom Date With This Titanium Hair Straightener That’s On Sale For $31

Zoom dates are the new normal & you can look your absolute best for your next virtual date with flawless, straight hair thanks to this titanium hair straightener that costs $31!

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Wearing makeup has become a distant memory, sweatpants have taken over the wardrobe regardless of the season and hair care has gone out the window. Long gone are the days of dressing up to go out to the club on a Friday night or to grab drinks with some friends, and we definitely don’t remember what “business casual” attire even looks like. Self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has more or less made self-preservation go from a necessity for many to a luxury that doesn’t seem as important anymore…

Get the Kipozi Professional Flat Iron Titanium Hair Straightener here for only $31.50!

Oh come on, we’re only half kidding! Sure, all of us have spent our fair share of time indoors and away from others throughout the quarantine phases, but at HollywoodLife we are always promoting ways to keep everyone their most beautiful and best self. Whether it’s the best teeth-whitening system to do right in the comfort of your own living room or a ring light to help you keep up fabulous selfie content for your social media platforms, we’ve always got you covered with quarantine beauty tips. But why keep yourself looking beautiful if it’s just for your own confidence when it could also certainly help you in the virtual dating department?

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium

We know, the concept of Zoom or virtual dates can seem pretty cringey, but for many of us, it’s the best we can do right now. Especially if you’re living in a high-risk state with COVID-19 cases or any major city, it’s highly recommended to stay at home as much as possible, even when “dating”. Thus, in late March 2020 there was such a spike in mobile dating apps, including Tinder which had the most swipes ever for the app on March 29. It became official that for so many, dating apps and virtual dates were going to be the way to go for the foreseeable future. So, does dating behind a screen mean an excuse for no makeup or haircare? We think not!

In the name of having good hair (at the very least) during these unprecedented times, we have the absolute best hair tool for you. Say goodbye to hectic frizz and fly-aways, and look your best for all of your Zoom dating and virtual endeavors with the Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron, which on sale right now on Amazon for just $31! Read below why we’re assuring you that this flat iron will provide you with the hair of your dreams, even if for now it’ll only be for romance behind a screen! 

Hold it right there, frizziness! We hate – and we mean HATE – humid, frizzy hair that’s intended to be straight. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time, sometimes as much as one hour, to straighten your entire head of hair only for it to become un-straight just an hour or two after production. What’s the point of going to the trouble of hair-straightening if it won’t stay that way? Well, thanks to this Kipozi flat iron, the straight hair of your dreams might actually be possible.

This straightener is basically the equivalent to an at-home salon. For just $31, it will give you that fresh, professionally done hair look, minus the expensive trip to the stylist (saving money, yes please!) Made of titanium, the Kipozi flat iron has a very advanced PTC ceramic heater which maintains a high styling temperature throughout every use, and won’t suddenly drop in heat temperature (which we often see with other flat ironing tools, and it’s so very annoying.) Thanks to its thorough heating technology, this straightener assures results with up to 80% less breakage and also protection against the hair’s color. The heat technology also takes out negative ions which cause the hair to moisten and takes your hair from frizzy and dull to luscious, gorgeous locks with a sleek shine. Use it comfortably to produce great shape and movement in your hair – not just flat, straight boring strands. Whether you’re having a Zoom “lunch” date or it’s a virtual movie date on a Friday night, achieve versatile looks from day-time casual to dramatic evening hairstyles with this miracle-working flat iron. 

Now, we mean it when we say this flat iron gets hot so you can look your absolute hottest! Literally, this baby can get up to 450 ℉ in temperature, making it easy to make even the curliest hair pin-straight. Also, it can reach that high temperature in as little as 15 seconds, so you definitely won’t be wasting any time! The temperature heat setting on the iron is super simple to understand (without any confusing buttons or misleading screens) so you can adjust the heat to accommodate all different hair types – no matter the thickness or texture. This hot tool truly is the saving grace for all hair types thanks to the adjustable temperature feature: including damaged, fragile or healthy hair. The Kipozi flat iron will leave your hair looking shiny, completely healthy, and fresh when you discover which heat setting works best for you. We are warning you in advance – your Zoom date won’t be able to take their eyes off you and your jaw-dropping locks! 

Let’s talk titanium – what difference does it make? Thanks to its titanium materials, this flat iron is truly a finely crafted product with multiple capabilities. It’s made with two titanium plates to deliver not only heat at a rapid pace but also evenly. The titanium material makes it possible to reach such a high temperature and also has built-in shine-boosting technology. The titanium plate is ultra-smooth and effortlessly glides through your hair, while simultaneously adding amazing softness. The flat iron has 3D “floating plates” that never will pull your hair during usage (we know how annoying THAT is), and the 1-inch plate width is wide enough for just about any hair length, yet narrow enough for super short hair and even bangs. Whether you’re growing your hair out long during the quarantine, or chopped it all off for a bold change-up, it doesn’t matter: this flat iron will become a bestie to all hair lengths and styles. You won’t know how you ever engaged in a virtual date before owning it!

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium

Safety first, then teamwork… right? Not to worry, the Kipozi flat iron offers premium safety features to protect you from those awful, sometimes serious hot tool accidents we all know and love (not) so much. First up, this straightener has a safety “auto-off” feature which kicks in after 90 minutes of non-use. This means that if you’re like many of us and forget to turn off your hot tools (hey, no judgment), you’ve got nothing to worry about with the Kipozi. Tackle your wildest hair situations while staying safe! Smooth out any curls or waves, flatten kinks and get the utmost shine with this titanium-engineered straightener that reaches intense heat, safely. With this flat iron, you’ll accomplish your mission of perfect, straight hair for date night, without any potential burns or freak accidents to get in the way of your virtual romance!

We’re unfortunately well aware of the fact that traveling is pretty limited right now, amidst coronavirus concerns. However, when at long last we’re finally able to jet set to our favorite places again, you’ll be sure to travel anywhere accompanied by the Kipozi flat iron! This tool is designed to go anywhere with you, whether it’s via car, bus, train, or airplane. It comes with a cute velvet travel pouch to store it safely and in style, plus its got a worldwide, 100V-240V dual voltage power making it versatile for anywhere you’re visiting. Hopefully, we can get back to in-person dating soon, and when we do you’ll continue to have flawless hair for all of your date nights.

Zoom dating just got a whole lot easier scary thanks to the Kipozi Professional Titanium Flatiron. Hit the virtual romance world with perfect hair, and kiss frizzy, dull hair goodbye!

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